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More than Money Part 2

Family? Flexibility? Location? Benefits? There is much more to getting talent on board then money. Consider our last blog where we have emphasised on the culture of a company and READ MORE >

Posted on: 16 Oct, 2017

Why are you using multiple recruiters?

Here are a few of the more common reasons: – hiring in varied geographic regions (and not using a recruiter that can cover them all effectively)- hiring across multiple business or READ MORE >

Posted on: 2 Oct, 2017

Guy on the Prom

Public Civility ? The lack of basic manners and consideration Bournemouth has an out of date reputation as a place for ageing people to retire to – today it’s become READ MORE >

Posted on: 27 Sep, 2017

Who is your Mentor?

When people are considering their career progression and thinking about making the next step up the ladder, they are usually asking themselves a number of important questions: -What is my READ MORE >

Posted on: 21 Sep, 2017

The importance of Appreciation

Do you want highly motivated employees? Then you need to learn to appreciate them. Working productivity may be a concern to many high-level individuals. Pressures for great figures/performance as well READ MORE >

Posted on: 18 Sep, 2017

Being honest on LinkedIn

LinkedIn has become an indispensable tool for the modern recruiter- however honest, it is still vital to the work we do every day. However, as much as we find LinkedIn READ MORE >

Posted on: 15 Sep, 2017

More than Money Part 1

The requirement for top talent within SaaS companies has never been higher.  Software companies have been growing at record rates and competition for people is fierce, so how can you READ MORE >

Posted on: 12 Sep, 2017

Why do companies need to pay more for top talent?

We at Oakstone are in a constant quest to align ourselves with the most innovative of software and SaaS players; firms that have bright futures, great US presence, success under READ MORE >

Posted on: 7 Sep, 2017

Have you reached ‘the top’ of your career?

Oakstone recruiters continually strive to find the best people for the great roles our clients have to offer, often encouraging people to take their career to the next level by READ MORE >

Posted on: 29 Aug, 2017

To Share or not to Share

I’ve recently read a number of comments about what you should and shouldn’t divulge to recruiters – in particular details about your Salary and Benefits package. My thoughts on the READ MORE >

Posted on: 24 Aug, 2017

Recruiting the “BEST” people

Everyone wants to build a team with the ‘best’ people – which is of course not possible – Usain Bolt was the best until last week – as was Mo READ MORE >

Posted on: 21 Aug, 2017

Should I Tell My Recruitment Consultant Everything?

Every witness in court must take an oath. They swear (or affirm) to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. If only all candidates took a READ MORE >

Posted on: 15 Aug, 2017

The Rebranding of Oakstone International

Oakstone’s Rebranding For over 25 years Oakstone has been at the forefront of international executive search, sourcing the high performance individuals for some of the world’s fastest growing technology businesses. READ MORE >

Posted on: 14 Aug, 2017

How To Beat The Recruitment Problems That Cause Hit And Miss Hiring: What are you looking for?

  How To Beat The Recruitment Problems That Cause Hit And Miss Hiring: What are you looking for? You’ve hired some absolute superstars in the past…some pretty good sales people…and READ MORE >

Posted on: 10 Aug, 2017

How To Recruit The Best Salespeople

How To Recruit The Best Salespeople It’s no secret that salespeople are serious about money. They’ll sweat blood to hit your target so you’d better hit theirs. But cold hard READ MORE >

Posted on: 18 Jul, 2017

Using An External Hiring Partner Gives You Greater Market Insight

You urgently need to hire extra sales executives to drive growth and hit your key numbers. You probably perceive that you have three choices: Use your network of contacts Bring READ MORE >

Posted on: 30 Jun, 2017

How The Best Executive Search Companies Deliver, Every Time!

Nobody with any sense picks their lawyer, accountant or investment manager from a directory. They do so based on the recommendations of their family, close friends or trusted advisers. And READ MORE >

Posted on: 15 Jun, 2017

Why Our Executive Search Consultants Are Relentless

You’re hunting the sales heavy hitters who thrive on manic days. The ones often at their desks long after everyone else has left. Those too busy to notice the sun READ MORE >

Posted on: 12 Jun, 2017

Using Your Company Culture To Recruit Key Executives

You’re struggling to hire a key executive for a pivotal role in your company. You’ve stretched your budget on the package, more than was anticipated. Gold is being piled on READ MORE >

Posted on: 25 May, 2017

Get Strategic: Retained Executive Search v Contingency Recruitment

You’re an embryonic technology company. You have massive growth potential but you’re spawning in a fragile business eco-system. Grow too slowly and you wither and die – eclipsed and eviscerated READ MORE >

Posted on: 19 May, 2017

Phone Interview Tips: Make Them Remember You (For The Right Reasons)

Congratulations – you made the shortlist. You beat a whole bunch of world class people to make it this far.  We had to call 100 people to narrow it down READ MORE >

Posted on: 20 Apr, 2017

Hiring? How To Make Your Obscure Start-Up Irresistible To Candidates

Taking risks is exciting – sheer electrifying Devil-be-damned exciting. Especially when it’s a quest that fires the soul. Putting it on the line for a reason gives us all the READ MORE >

Posted on: 18 Apr, 2017

European Recruitment: Don’t Use A Cookie Cutter When Scaling Up

Crossing the Atlantic is a perilous undertaking for any company – no matter how successful and seemingly unstoppable it might be. Even household names on both sides of the pond READ MORE >

Posted on: 13 Apr, 2017

How Oakstone International Changed My Life

As I sit down to write this, I have a baby monitor on the side of the table and I’m surrounded by books, toys and a pile of wedding invitations. READ MORE >

Posted on: 28 Mar, 2017

Great Mentoring Boosts Retention In Recruitment

We all have heroes. Legends who stand tall in our lives and kindle the spark of greatness in us. These torchbearers come in many guises. For some they’re charismatic generals READ MORE >

Posted on: 21 Mar, 2017

Maximising Your Sales Commission: Is Your OTE Wrong?

Sooner or later most sales executives discuss their packages with each other. Usually when beer, wine or G&Ts are involved. OTEs will figure high in the conversation. Mine is bigger READ MORE >

Posted on: 16 Mar, 2017

Why Your Recruiter Should Negotiate Your Salary Package

Bottom line: you’ll get more money. But we’ll get to that part later. First let’s rewind a little and address the fundamentals …   Two Deadly Sins You think you’re READ MORE >

Posted on: 14 Mar, 2017

Choosing A Recruiter: Key Questions All Candidates Must Ask

You excel at your job. You smash your numbers. So you’re getting calls from people who want to secure your talents. But are these recruitment consultants as good at their READ MORE >

Posted on: 9 Mar, 2017

Harness The Power Of Positive Words In Recruitment

Success or failure can turn on the narrowest of margins. A few words can be all it takes. Sometimes only one word. So every word matters. We’re placing a finance READ MORE >

Posted on: 7 Mar, 2017

Successful Executive Search In The USA

At least 50 per cent of the roles Oakstone fills are based overseas – and America is a key market. That’s why we opened an office in the heart of READ MORE >

Posted on: 2 Mar, 2017

How To Get More From Your Sales Team By Doing Less

You’re a stressed out sales director. And getting more stressed by the minute.  You urgently need to grow your team to stay on track. But are you getting enough from READ MORE >

Posted on: 28 Feb, 2017

How To Cancel A Meeting Or Postpone An Interview

Short answer: don’t. Unless you can absolutely possibly help it – because high level recruitment meetings take a great deal of work to set up. Lots of diary juggling to READ MORE >

Posted on: 23 Feb, 2017

Plugging Your Skills Gap: Filling Difficult Roles

Alexander The Great wept – for there were no more worlds left for him to conquer. Or so it is often mis-said. Putative quotes aside, clearly there was still plenty READ MORE >

Posted on: 21 Feb, 2017

We’re Hiring. Can You Cut It?

Our global executive search consultants transform lives – by placing ambitious superstars in the world’s smartest technology companies. We occupy a rarified and lucrative niche. High growth established companies and READ MORE >

Posted on: 16 Feb, 2017

Getting The Best Executive Search Experience

Identifying pivotal players and placing them in the world’s leading technology companies is inherently exciting. We love it with a passion. Especially the responsibilities. Not just our obvious accountability to READ MORE >

Posted on: 14 Feb, 2017

Internal And External recruitment: Why You Need Outside Help

We work closely with internal recruiters. There are some great ones out there – professionals with impeccable knowledge of their company’s global hiring requirements. They are strictly top tier. You READ MORE >

Posted on: 9 Feb, 2017

Why Cutting Out Recruiters Could Damage Your Career

Dante Alighieri was the supreme master at pigeonholing sinners. His epic vision of Lucifer’s backyard has survived 700 years. Dante’s Inferno places wrongdoers in nine concentric circles of increasing naughtiness READ MORE >

Posted on: 7 Feb, 2017

Seven Stages Of Organising And Conducting Interviews

Hiring the heavy-hitters you need to drive business growth means having a well structured interview process. Faff around at any point and you risk dampening enthusiasm and losing vital talent. READ MORE >

Posted on: 26 Jan, 2017

Top Executive Recruiters Talk Your Language

You’re familiar with Professor Albert Mehrabian’s famous communication rule – trotted out by business coaches worldwide since 1971. That only seven per cent of communication is based on what you READ MORE >

Posted on: 12 Jan, 2017

Busting The Myths In Sales Executive Search

There’s a world of difference between global executive search and the contingency recruitment offered by the average ‘agency’. Our world is about sourcing high level strategic gamechangers. Not simply filling READ MORE >

Posted on: 10 Jan, 2017

Offering Equity To Your Future Employees

Giving away a stake in your company speaks volumes about your vision for its future. It says you’re serious and confident about business growth – and about rewarding the talent READ MORE >

Posted on: 5 Jan, 2017

What Fishing Teaches You About Executive Recruiters

Let’s go fishing. Sounds exciting doesn’t it? Venturing out into the big blue to land an awesome catch. It’s that spirit of adventure that fires us up – and it’s READ MORE >

Posted on: 13 Dec, 2016

He’ll Earn £600,000 Commission This Year…And He’s Only 28 Years Old

Yes, that’s right – he’s well on his way to his first million before the age of 30. We’re extremely proud of this incredibly talented young software salesman. Not least READ MORE >

Posted on: 8 Dec, 2016

Sharpening Up Your Executive Sales Recruitment

  We are privileged to operate in a world where excellence is the norm. Our clients are leading software companies that are shaping the future. They embody and redefine best READ MORE >

Posted on: 6 Dec, 2016

Five Sales Interview Questions Your Company Should Ask Itself

You’re hiring a new sales team. And you need killer interview questions to separate the alpha target-smashers from the expensive mistakes. But don’t start dreaming up tough interview questions until READ MORE >

Posted on: 30 Nov, 2016

Time Kills All Deals In Executive Recruitment, Part Two: Candidates

Your ideal candidate doesn’t know you need them. They don’t know how great your technology company is – how perfect a fit they would be. That’s because they already have READ MORE >

Posted on: 28 Nov, 2016

Time Kills All Deals In Executive Recruitment, Part One: Clients

Time is not just money – it’s far more important than that. It will kill all deals eventually. The unrelenting march of passing minutes is not merely costs bleeding out READ MORE >

Posted on: 22 Nov, 2016

Executive Search: 5 Key Factors For Hiring Alphas

  FIVE WAYS GLOBAL BUSINESS LEADERS TRIUMPH AT EXECUTIVE SEARCH Assisting global technology leaders with their international executive search is always a privilege because they truly understand the process, not READ MORE >

Posted on: 25 Oct, 2016

Network is important, but quality trumps quantity every time

Have you ever played Top Trumps? Whether it was supercars, sports stars, wildlife or skyscrapers, the packs of cards would dazzle you with data – power, speed, height and so READ MORE >

Posted on: 27 Jun, 2016

Small and mighty – what Leicester City FC tells us about recruitment

An unfashionable football team, rewarded with pizzas, has won the Premier League by 10 points and left the established clubs in their wake. Leicester City FC will be a household READ MORE >

Posted on: 1 Jun, 2016

DIY or bring in the professionals?

Most of us take on DIY projects from time to time and there’s little I enjoy more than time away from my usual routine to build something from scratch. There’s READ MORE >

Posted on: 18 Apr, 2016

Why are you using multiple recruiters?

Here are a few of the more common reasons: – hiring in varied geographic regions (and not using a recruiter that can cover them all effectively)- hiring across multiple business or READ MORE >

Posted on: 21 Mar, 2016

Is a New Career on your Christmas Wishlist?

It’s that time of year again; the dark evenings are drawing in, Christmas shopping is underway, the year is coming to a close and you are, no doubt, wondering how READ MORE >

Posted on: 25 Nov, 2015

Get Your Hiring Right First Time: Professional Search Firm vs DIY

What are the Consequences of a Bad Hiring Decision? The decision to hire a new team member inevitably carries an element of risk. Most large organisations will have had the READ MORE >

Posted on: 13 Nov, 2015

Is Executive Search or “Headhunting” a morally viable, politically correct and ethical way to recruit?

“DON’T SHOOT THE MESSENGER” Do you ever find yourself asking whether executive search or headhunting is an ethical and moral way to recruit? We do, fairly regularly. As Search Consultants, READ MORE >

Posted on: 15 Oct, 2015

Work for your career

Regardless of your employment and business background, opportunities must never be overlooked and should be grasped with both hands. Your future career is moulded by the path you pave, even right READ MORE >

Posted on: 24 Jul, 2015

Developing your future with “Career Analytics”

Have you noticed that there isn’t a piece of software that can determine what your future career looks like based on your previous actions, work experience and responsibilities? If there READ MORE >

Posted on: 25 Jun, 2015

The Coupa and Oakstone Partnership

Coupa Software is the leading provider of disruptive and innovative cloud spend management (CSM) solutions that help companies control their indirect spending and generate savings. Recently named as a ‘Visionary READ MORE >

Posted on: 23 Jun, 2015
95% of Fortune 500 CEOs played college sports

Personal Traits of Successful Business Professionals vs Sport Professionals

It is no coincidence that some of the most successful professionals we speak to on a daily basis are also top level sportsmen and women. The state of mind it READ MORE >

Posted on: 27 May, 2015

Press Release: Jahia Solutions selects Oakstone to Provide Exclusive Recruitment Services

Jahia Solutions Oakstone International, an executive search firm whose speciality is senior roles in the software sector, recently announced it has partnered with Jahia Solutions, the leading open source User READ MORE >

Posted on: 19 May, 2015
Richard Branson

‘DEGREE-EDUCATED APPLICANTS ONLY’ – is it discrimination?

When I told my Head of Year at senior school I wouldn’t be accepting my offer to attend a top University, it was met with uproar. ‘Why are you throwing READ MORE >

Posted on: 12 May, 2015
CEO Paul Rayner

Talking Business with… Paul Rayner – CEO @ Oakstone International

How have you seen Oakstone grow since first beginning? Dramatically, but it’s been a rollercoaster ride! We grew quickly in the first few years, after establishing ourselves in 1995. In READ MORE >

Posted on: 8 Apr, 2015
Merry Christmas


Follow, Like and Share @OakstoneRecruit and CEO @paulsrayner for ‘Top Tips for Success’ during our countdown to Christmas Calendar, and make 2015 your most rewarding year yet! #TopTipsForSuccess – These READ MORE >

Posted on: 29 Dec, 2014


Follow, Like and Share @OakstoneRecruit and CEO @paulsrayner for ‘Top Tips for Success’ during our countdown to Christmas Calendar, and make 2015 your most rewarding year yet! #TopTipsForSuccess – These READ MORE >

Posted on: 22 Dec, 2014


Follow, Like and Share @OakstoneRecruit and CEO @paulsrayner for ‘Top Tips for Success’ during our countdown to Christmas Calendar, and make 2015 your most rewarding year yet! #TopTipsForSuccess – These READ MORE >

Posted on: 15 Dec, 2014
Oakstone Christmas 'Top Tips For Success'

Oakstone’s ‘Top Tips for Success’ Countdown to Christmas : Week 1 – Summary

Follow, Like and Share @OakstoneRecruit and CEO @paulsrayner for ‘Top Tips for Success’ during our countdown to Christmas Calendar, and make 2015 your most rewarding year yet! #TopTipsForSuccess – These READ MORE >

Posted on: 5 Dec, 2014
Human - Robot Interaction

How Far Can Technology Take us Before Human Intervention is Needed?

Marketers understand that Customers need to experience a great offering from their chosen suppliers, whatever industry they are in. Competitors are ready to steal customers away unless the provider can READ MORE >

Posted on: 28 Nov, 2014
Marketing vs Sales

Who has the X Factor – Marketing vs Sales?

When we look closely at the relationship between Sales and Marketing Teams, often there is a sense of rivalry between the two departments. Both teams are targeted at creating new READ MORE >

Posted on: 22 Oct, 2014
Friendly Competition = Success

Friendly Competition = Success

We are approaching the end of Q1 (or Q2 for some) and as we hit this milestone, we are pushing ourselves to maximize our output. Naturally a sense of competitiveness READ MORE >

Posted on: 30 Jun, 2014
More sleep, better results!

Sleep for Success!

I have read many trending tweets, articles, blogs and numerous other news sources stating how a lack of sleep causes increased damage to our health, brain cells and business success! READ MORE >

Posted on: 28 Mar, 2014

A belated Valentines… Falling out of Love with Customer Services

In a rapidly changing world, we have high expectations of technology. We, the consumers enjoy the latest devices, gadgets and new trends. ‘Falling in love’ is an emotional roller coaster! READ MORE >

Posted on: 28 Feb, 2014

Interviewing Through the Eyes of a Detective…Sherlock Holmes Style

Sherlock Holmes has the amazing talent of knowing someone’s life history when he first sets eyes on them. Of course, recruiting someone would be a lot easier if you could READ MORE >

Posted on: 4 Feb, 2014

Substance over Style

With an estimated 400 million CVs searchable online via search engines and job boards, it’s no wonder people are starting to add a little jazz to that somewhat mundane document. More READ MORE >

Posted on: 29 Jan, 2014
Oakstone Christmas 'Top Tips For Success'

How Will Big Data Influence Santa’s Choice of Television Adverts?

As we put our feet up over the Christmas period, I expect most of us will notice the increasing number of television adverts. As usual for this time of year, READ MORE >

Posted on: 18 Dec, 2013

Oakstone’s First Intern: Tom Clark

I am studying Business Information Technology at Bournemouth University. The course is aimed to develop my understanding of why, what and how technology is, can and will be used in READ MORE >

Posted on: 26 Nov, 2013

A Day in the Life of a New Recruit

Deciding to move your career forwards is an easy decision to make. Knowing how to do it – and making those vital steps – is part of the process towards READ MORE >

Posted on: 18 Oct, 2013

Need a Shave?

What is the modern form of gentlemen’s business attire? You don’t want to be on the back foot before you’ve even opened your mouth, so should you plan in advance READ MORE >

Posted on: 9 Oct, 2013

What is your USP?

At Oakstone, we specialise in helping US/EMEA software companies expand across Europe. Helping these companies attract Grade A sales people is frequently one of the most challenging tasks we undertake. READ MORE >

Posted on: 8 Oct, 2013

What Makes Individuals Want to Leave Your Company (and How You Can Motivate Them to Stay)

One of the biggest blows a company can face is the loss of a star performer. When an employee who is hitting all their targets and is popular with colleagues READ MORE >

Posted on: 14 Aug, 2013

Dishonesty on LinkedIn

LinkedIn has become an indispensable tool for the modern recruiter, vital to the work we do every day. However, as much as we find LinkedIn helpful to find out information READ MORE >

Posted on: 8 Aug, 2013
Honesty and integrity

Honesty is and will Always Remain the Best Policy

In recent months we’ve been asked to support our partners in finding inside sales people. These typically aren’t the most profitable of requirements we work on, compared to the popular READ MORE >

Posted on: 1 Mar, 2013

Germany is not a Mini USA

Germany has the largest economy in Europe, and represents an enormous opportunity for software companies with an innovative and valuable product to sell. Despite this, it’s amazing how many times I’ve READ MORE >

Posted on: 19 Feb, 2013

‘Executive Search Firm’ or ‘Recruitment Agency’ – People Often Mistake Them for One and the Same

OK, so the people close to me know I’m normally fairly level headed, open, transparent and someone that likes to consider the various aspects to any situation. On the odd READ MORE >

Posted on: 23 Jan, 2013
Audi R8

When is an Audi not an Audi?

So you’re a fast-growing American software company and you want to hire a senior executive in Europe, but have no relationships with any recruiters in that part of the world. READ MORE >

Posted on: 10 Jan, 2013

Is it an Employer’s or an Employee’s Market?

Who is having the best time in the current market? Unlike in many other UK and European industries, the employment market for the technology sector has not been hugely affected READ MORE >

Posted on: 19 Dec, 2012

Why Do Companies Need to Pay More for Top Talent?

We at Oakstone are in a constant quest to align ourselves with the most innovative of software players; firms that have bright futures, great US presence and success under their READ MORE >

Posted on: 14 Dec, 2012

How to Make a Smooth Exit From Your Job

So you’ve been approached by a recruiter offering you a fantastic new role in another company, and you decide it’s just too good an opportunity to pass up on. You READ MORE >

Posted on: 29 Nov, 2012

What are the Consequences of a Bad Hiring Decision?

A decision to hire a new employee always inevitably carries an element of risk. Most large organisations will have had experience of hiring an unsuitable employee – someone who looked READ MORE >

Posted on: 21 Nov, 2012
Video interview

Can Skype Interviews Replace Face to Face?

Leading technology website Mashable recently posted this interesting article on their blog about using video for recruiting. It gives a number of examples of ways in which video can be READ MORE >

Posted on: 14 Nov, 2012

People who move the fastest get their man!

Having conducted a recent investigation on hiring processes, it’s become very apparent to me that the market is buoyant and there are many good candidates for companies to choose from. READ MORE >

Posted on: 31 Aug, 2012

P60s – “You show me yours and I’ll show you mine”

After more than a few years recruiting Sales Executives and Managers, it’s my experience that it’s relatively rare that companies ask their prospective hires to actually produce proof of earnings. READ MORE >

Posted on: 1 Jun, 2012