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Friendly Competition = Success

The beginning of a new year. Naturally a sense of competitiveness begins to emerge from within the team, so it’s important that we maintain competence and avoid adopting any unsporting competition.

Many of our team, from our Southern UK office, are currently competing with each other to become the best. Each week a new challenge is set and we compete against each other to claim the weekly incentive, which could be a toilet roll or could be a £50 voucher – whatever they pick from the secret envelopes.

It is important that we maintain these types of healthy competitive trends. This contributes to a successful culture and motivates the team to succeed, both inside and outside of the office.


Here are 6 tips to adopt to reignite positive competitiveness in the office work space:

Friendly competition is a huge motivator for our team. Great people take great pride in doing great work, and we want to be the best we can. Competition with other members of our team brings out the best in us. The key here is to remember the importance to facilitate collaboration and to ensure competition stays friendly.

Paul Rayner – CEO

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