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Lisa Knight

Finance Manager

Lisa Knight only joined Oakstone in April 2019 as Finance Manager, but has been working in Accounting and finance for over 20 years.

Lisa is used to a diverse, challenging environment and enjoys supporting all areas of the business in her role.

Helping everyone to understand the workings of the business and supporting them in a meaningful and reliable manner is important to her . She believes it is essential from an operations point of view, but it also helps colleagues to realise they ALL contribute to the company’s overall success.  

Lisa is family oriented and spends most of her spare time with her immediate and extended family, and walking the dog.  She is also a keen baker, and time permitting, enjoys making and decorating celebration cakes.

In the last 5 years, she has become very passionate about personal development.  It is a key element of her life and she knows that as a result she continues to grow, both personally and professionally.