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1 Out Of 2000

oakstone international executive search 1 out of 2000

Not so long ago a friend of mine got offered a position in a medium sized venture capitalist company that is not particularly well known.  He has a background running small/medium sized companies and had just completed his MBa in Business Administration.

He took the job and later found out that he was 1 out of 2000 applicants.  It was an excellent opportunity and I am sure he had a lot of great competition against him in the process - however, working for a recruitment firm, it baffled me as to how the company had got so many applicants as it wasn’t well known, it was based in a small town and it certainly is not a large company.

A few weeks went by and I asked him how he was getting on and whether he was enjoying it. Of course he was.

He talked about the support he was getting, the flexible working hours, the subsidised gym membership, the subsidised accommodation (if he wanted it), collaborative culture, outside team activities, subsidised lunch, clear opportunity to grow and develop and the list goes on.  After listing all the great things about the position and the company I realised at no point did he mention salary. 

It wasn’t because the salary was lower due to the other benefits – it was because the other things matter more.

If you’re building a company and want to attract great talent and keep it – you need to think outside the box when it comes to benefits and perks.  You’re against great companies in the fight for great talent, like the one mentioned in this blog – if you’re not keeping up, you’re falling behind.

Not all companies have the budget to have an all singing, all dancing benefits package, however adding in a few that cost you nothing will assist your company in being as attractive as it can possibly be.  Introduce a few perks that cost you nothing – flexible working and clear opportunities to grow and develop is where every company should start!