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10 Tips For A Collaborative Culture

oakstone international executive search top 10 tips for a collaborative environment

Great culture is one of the top company goals for millions of companies around the world, and rightly so… companies with great culture see benefits such as high employee morale, highly motivated employees and higher retention of employees.  Strong collaboration is one aspect you can work on to improve your overall company culture but where, do you start? Read these 10 tips to get you started in creating a great collaborative environment.

1.       Match tasks to interests

Good leaders plan their tasks, and delegate other – great leaders delegate the right tasks to the right people. To create a collaborative culture, take notice of peoples interests and challenge people with the right tasks.

2.       Inspire open communication

When it comes to collaboration – on any level – open, honest and effective communication is the most important thing. Lead the way by being an effective communicator across your business by encouraging people to share updates and news with one another and sharing updates and company news yourself. Exude curiosity and thought leadership and those around you will soon do the same.

3.       Don’t make everything a competition

Toxic environments can arise when there is bitterness about others success and when other people take credit for work that isn’t theirs. Create an environment of lifting people rather than pulling down. If your employees are constantly competition against one another there is no collaboration at all.

4.       Create inter-department relationships

No organisation can run smoothly without cross function collaboration. Get people to work together by creating stronger relationships – encourage cross-training between departments and projects that include multiple people from different departments.

5.       Take some time out

People are more likely to collaborate with one another when they have a good working relationship and trust one another.  Create stronger relationships by having events outside of work on a Friday afternoon or take a day out.

6.       Reward and celebrate

Celebrate every success with the entire team! Implement initiatives so there is some healthy competition and get everyone involved.  The more involvement people have with one another, the more inclined they will be to collaborating.

7.       Encourage goal setting

Success is about driving forward and getting to where you want to be.  You can’t do this without goals.  Leaders do this so they should encourage their employees to do the same. Encouraging professional as well as personal goals is essential and encourages collaboration by working together to implement a plan to reach them.

8.       Don’t be ashamed of mistakes

Let people be open about the mistake they make by helping them learn from them, rather than punishing them for it.  When people are more open about mistake they have made they don’t point the finger at someone else – contributing to a much more open and trusting culture.

9.       Encourage down time

Gone are the work cultures of working 24/7.  The new era of working focuses on being the most productive during work hours and shutting off outside.  Encouraging regular breaks makes people much more productive and engaged – which is essential for working collaboratively.

10.   Use the right tech

Get you team working with easy to use collaboration platforms such as slack to make collaborating on projects as easy as possible!