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11 Ways To Find Valuable Talent

oakstone international executive search 11 ways to find valuable talent

Finding great talent – whether it’s through headhunting or targeting active candidates has always been a challenge – even for the best companies out there.  If the right talent isn’t hired it can result in high employee turnover and wasted resources.

1.       Get to know your company

You’re most likely bias about the company you work for – you think it’s great, it has a great culture, great talent and great roles however take a step back and analyse what it’s really like as an outsider looking in.  What is your interview process like? How is your onboarding? Get to know your business so you can make the right changes to make it even better.

2.       Be human

More application processes are using recruitment AI and algorithms however they cannot accurately analyse people like another person can. Make your recruitment process more human by acknowledging people and applicants – if you don’t have the time or manpower to do this then work with a recruitment partner to work alongside your business.

3.       Do some spring cleaning

If you’re serious about finding great talent, then make your company a great place to work.  Do some spring cleaning and sort out the negative aspects of your company.  Address company politics and any other disruptions within your organisation.

4.       Think long term

Finding great talent is just the starting point.  After they’re onboard you need to work on keeping and retaining them.  Think about what someone is going to need and want in order to stay at your company.

5.       Look for learners

Companies and organisations constantly have changes. It is critical to have people within your business that have creative mindsets and who can adapt to new environments and who can work with new people (if you’re growing).

Recruitment strategies need to start looking for how resilient candidates are – meaning lots of deeper conversations and probing.

6.       Don’t be cheap

If you have a senior level role don’t use a lower-level candidate to save money.  If you’re serious about getting the right person you need to pay them the right amount to get them onboard… and stay with you!

7.       Encourage thinkers

Don’t be afraid of people who question you or offer ideas and initiative in interviews.  The forward thinkers are the kind of people you need in your business.

8.       Realise it’s 2019

A lot of hiring process and hiring thought processes are extremely outdated – for example not hiring older people because you’re worried, they might find a better opportunity elsewhere in a few months’ time or not hiring really young people because they don’t have 10 years’ experience.

9.       Ask your team

Many of the best candidates can come from employee referrals within your firm. Current employees won’t want to put someone forward who won’t reflect them positively so you should utilise their contacts.

10.   Make development a priority

Investing in training, coaching and continuous feedback is how you home in on talent. Stop letting great talent leave so you must replace them – work on making people better so they progress with you and your company.

11.   Build the company you want the talent for

If you want to attract top talent to your company, then you need to perform like a top team! Talent does not come in a one size fits all bracket – establish what your company needs (not who everyone else is hiring).