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How Will Big Data Influence Santa's Choice of Television Adverts?

how will big data influence santas choice of television adverts

As we put our feet up over the Christmas period, I expect most of us will notice the increasing number of television adverts.

As usual for this time of year, I believe that most of the adverts are targeted towards children and families with children. Maybe it’s just that I have children of my own, which is why it seems so painful to watch.

Children are a great tool for marketers to use. It reminds me of the film Big with Tom Hanks, in which a young boy makes a wish “to be big” and is then aged to adulthood overnight. Whilst working in a children’s store he takes the lead as a toy tester. Wouldn’t every child love to have that job!?

Expect more advertising for food from your favourite food stores that are inevitably going to tempt you this Christmas – mini pasties, mini burgers, fish finger canopies (does anyone actually eat these?).

And how many Christmas advert songs do you see in the charts each year? I love the use of music in advertising over the Christmas season; it generates excitement, warmth and gets you in the Christmas spirit.

When it comes to fragrances being advertised, personally, I feel that it is so difficult to sell a scent on the TV. It doesn’t work for me, no matter how suave and sophisticated David Beckham looks in the adverts.

I wonder at what point ‘Big Brother / Big Data’ will be able to identify the actual interests and preferences of a family watching the TV, and then show them adverts specifically selected to be of interest to them. Perhaps then we wouldn’t have to flick past the adverts?

According to Jay F, CEO of video technology company X, “intelligent media distribution powered by Big Data will mean that your TV (and tablet and phone) will know what you like, when you like to watch it, and what you will want to watch next.”

Although none of the Marketing Automation and Analytics firms specialising in Big Data that we work with have told us of plans to move into this area, I wonder how long it will be before Big Data and Big Brother align to bring the benefits of this kind of targeted TV advertising to us the consumer.

If this area of technology is one that is of interest to you, or if you can shed any light on the likelihood of these ideas becoming a reality in the near future, I would welcome your thoughts.

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Merry Christmas!