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How Far Can Technology Take Us Before Human Intervention is Needed?

Marketers understand that Customers need to experience a great offering from their chosen suppliers, whatever industry they are in. Competitors are ready to steal customers away unless the provider can keep them happy.

A great ‘customer journey’ is an essential ingredient to closing a sale. As soon as a prospect converts into a customer, the service provider must ensure that they follow-through with their side of the agreement, to retain customer loyalty.

Strong customer focus is essential for any growing business, whilst knowing the customer well and keeping an eye on the competition.

Companies are now able to implement BigData to analyse both consumer and business data. From this data companies are able to make well-judged decisions and drive business forward, whilst engaging with the customer and remaining relevant and competitive.

In order to maintain a business strategy which attracts and retains customers, there is a growing need for talent whom understand; new customer demands/customer attraction, trends, retention and what engenders loyalty to products, brands, services and people.

The demand for talented Market Insight and Customer Experience Managers in the UK, and across EMEA, is at an all-time high. By using real-time data analytics and BigData, companies are able to unlock new customer insights, which improves content deliver accuracy and the overall business decisions. This keeps the business competitive to stay on top of their game. Businesses will create new customer orientated processes and impactful campaigns that refine the customer experiences and increases customer engagement.

Whilst the aim is to grow the business, its revenues and profits, more than ever before; the focus needs to be on the customer.

At Oakstone, we work closely with technology partners who operate in the Big Data, Business Intelligence, Data Analytics and Marketing Analytics sector, whose software has been implemented to fulfil their business requirements and handle the growing need to analyse the market and customers more effectively.

The Software cannot, however, be relied upon on its own. These businesses need talented and experienced individuals who can walk into the company and begin to implement their Insight and Customer Experience strategies and deliver the analysis of the results to senior stakeholders and internal teams.

Although the software cannot be solely relied on, the talented, experienced individual will have the skills, knowledge and understanding to maximise the effectiveness of the software and technologies.

The Analysis and Marketing Technology tools available to firms has never been more advanced, exciting or innovative, and the challenge to make the most of it has never been greater – are the people who are responsible for the ROI from Marketing Technology challenges able to keep up to pace with the technology itself? The firms who have the top 5% of talented individuals will obtain the return from their investments, but those who don’t, will lose pace in their respective markets and will begin to lose sales and even the talent they do have, to their competitors!

For over 25 years, Oakstone has had a strong focus in this sector and it is clear to us that only those firms who invest in the best people will reap the rewards from their investment in Marketing Technology.