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Personal Traits Of Successful Business Professionals Vs. Sport Professionals

Oakstone International Executive Search personal traits of successful business professionals vs. sports professionals

It is no coincidence that some of the most successful professionals we speak to on a daily basis are also top level sportsmen and women.

The state of mind it takes to build a successful, thriving business or career, is also what is needed to succeed in a sport or skill. Something both accomplished sporting and business professionals have in common is their outlook and drive. They push themselves to be the best they can be, and often to be better than others. They are driven by the adrenaline, achieving their dreams and ambitions, and by the challenge of being outside their comfort zone. It is this mind-set that pushes individuals to achieve the things they never thought possible.

Both sport and business are not a natural skill. They are a self-taught process in which the methodology involves identifying a goal, breaking it down into short-term achievable steps, learning strengths and weaknesses along the way, pushing the boundaries to continuously improve and reflect on progress. Maintaining the long-term vision can be difficult at a low point, but that’s the resilience, positivity and optimism that enables these characters to move past obstacles and emerge triumphant.

The level of commitment and dedication required to succeed at a sport resonates in a business environment. Both parties need to stay on target by embracing self-development.

Andy Strong, Divisional Director here at Oakstone completed the London Marathon in April 2015 in less than four hours. Andy began running less than two years ago. His training schedule required a high level of commitment, and involved improving his daily nutrition, increasing his fitness level, advancing his speed and refining his endurance running ready for the big day.

All dedicated sports and business professionals gain support from family, friends and colleagues and in Andys case he is thankful for the generosity of our clients contributions too.

With a huge amount of support, Andy raised £1700 for Breast Cancer Campaign.

Between Andy and his running partners they raised over £5k together.  This was a great result, as well as the experience of tough challenge and a completion time of 3:56 minutes which he was delighted with. It has given him the urge to do it again and ideally, in another of the major series (London, Berlin, Boston, New York, and Tokyo).

Let us know about your major challenges and achievements – Do you find the same similarities in Sport as you do in Business?