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Developing Your Future With 'Career Analytics'

Oakstone International Executive Search developing your future with career analytics

Have you noticed that there isn’t a piece of software that can determine what your future career looks like based on your previous actions, work experience and responsibilities?

If there was a software product that could do this, could it also measure your thoughts, feelings, abilities as well as your personal and career aspirations?

There are software products that predict your future purchases based on your previous buying activities and interests from your web browser, mobile device behavior and your social media interactions. If the data collected is accurate then you will be receiving offers and promotions that are relevant to you. How cool!

Why not have a piece of software that can bring relevant career opportunities to you based on your professional experiences and day to day work activities, that can also gain insight to how you think and feel about your future?

Perhaps we have just invented the next innovative piece of technology…
Whilst that idea is in product development stage, let us recap on what Oakstone do;

Creating a Career Analytics tool!

  • Our experienced, knowledgeable and approachable team of Recruitment Consultants are networking daily (a bit like googles “Web Spiders”, scanning the internet for new content and information).

  • Our Consultants are gaining information from B2B Software professionals and learning more every day about the software industry.

  • We know who doesn’t like their boss!

  • We know who thinks their technology isn’t very good!

  • We know who the best employers are!

  • We know who the best managers are!

  • We know who pays the best salaries!

  • We know who is earning more based on the best plans, bonuses, accelerators and options!

  • We know which companies offer training and personal development opportunities!

  • We know which companies have the best structure to support significant growth!

  • We know the difference between company cultures and management styles!

  • We know which companies offer the best supporting environments for employees to thrive!

  • We aim to find out who, what, why and how! The real detail of any example of experience you share. Allowing us to understand more about how you think and the best situations or environment you are likely to be most successful and happiest in.

Our team understands your challenges and can help you to overcome them! 
Feeding information into our Consultants will help us to provide you with future offers that are un-missable. Telling us about the environments you do like, as well as the environments you don’t like, will ensure we help you to move your career in the right direction.

Like Business Intelligence technology, our Consultants learn about people and career paths. With our insight into building teams and helping to create cultures, we can predict the next step that is going to be right for you. However, we cannot be 100% accurate without your help!

We look for honesty and transparency with the relationships we build, this allows us to do our job more effectively.
We know you are not actively looking for a new role because you are committed to your employer and you are good at your job.

So, why keep an open mind?
Everybody, at one time or another, has something that they would change or a goal that they need help reaching. We are hiring for companies to build teams, to build careers, to build incredible journeys that create brands that become successful businesses!

By keeping an open mind to new opportunities and having a confidential discussion with us enables us to come to you when we feel you are the missing piece of the puzzle within a disruptive technology company.

Oakstone are proud to be operating in such high growth domain, where Business Intelligence, Data Analytics, Web Analytics, Digital Marketing, Personalisation Marketing, Social Media, Customer Experience and Feedback solutions are all life-changing technologies and a major part of everyday life today.

We are credited by clients and candidates for creating a new approach to the traditional recruitment organisations. Become part of our ‘Career Analytics tool’ and talk to us, we guarantee you will get a relationship with a team of people that really care about you and your future.

Talking to people is our strength, it is the essential ingredient to our business. 
We are living in a dynamic, ever changing world driven by data.