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Time Kills All Deals: Part 2

Your ideal candidate doesn’t know you need them. They don’t know how great your technology company is – how perfect a fit they would be.

That’s because they already have an awesome job. And you need to lure them away to your company. Which they know little or nothing about.

That requires a killer offer and a compelling, confident approach. Decisive but discreet. No delays. No dithering.

You’ll know from our last blog post Time Kills All Deals Pt 1 what delays in hiring can mean. We outlined the causes, the pitfalls, the impact on companies.

Now let’s explore what the effect on the executives will be – and what that means for you…

Your Executive Search Firm Finds Your Ideal Candidate And…

Bang! They fire the starting gun by phoning the candidate out of the blue.

He or she is surprised, shocked, flattered, grateful, excited, maybe even a little nervous. That unexpected phone call just whipped up a cyclone of emotions.

How open are they to considering options? About 60 per cent at this stage. Think about it: 0 to 60 in one phone call.

So far so great. An exciting new company loves them, wants to hire them. Their heart is a-flutter. They’re “keen” they tell the search consultant…

Who reports this back to the hiring manager at the company.

They need to move fast but they’re busy with high level strategic stuff or simply the ‘sales’ process – so headhunting gets popped on the back burner for a day or so.


Two Or Three Days Have Passed…

And the candidate is feeling nervous, frustrated or just unimpressed. They’re waiting for the phone to ring again. They crave more information. They crave attention. After all, it’s all about them. You called them.

All they want to hear right now is more money, a bigger car, better healthcare, an imperious job title and…best of all…equity.

But all they get is silence. Two or three days of silence. And it’s excruciating.

Get them in for a meeting and their interest level would leap from 60 per cent to an ‘almost there’ 90 per cent.

But they’re still waiting for the phone to ring and all the recruiter can do is ‘buy time’.


And While They’re Waiting…

Doubts are setting in. Not helped by their spouse/partner highlighting the dangers of them leaving the nice safe job they already have.

And every minute of delay is another minute of uncertainty. Another 60 seconds of phone-not-ringing for them to talk themselves out of jumping ship.

You thought 0-60 was fast? Know this: 60-0 is just as fast – even faster if the candidate is skittish.

Delays kill deals.


Don’t Break The Rhythm…

Executive search is – by definition – a middleman role. It involves a myriad of phone calls and emails backwards and forwards to the client and the candidates.

The faster those calls and emails happen, the greater the chance of success for all concerned.

Let’s put it this way…

You’ve probably been to Vegas and seen the craps table in action. Or if not, you’ve seen them in the movies.

Shooters on a roll win big bucks with each successive throw of the dice. But casinos are not charities.

So the croupiers suddenly start taking their time getting the dice back to the winning shooters.

It breaks a shooter’s rhythm. No logical reason it should. A dice roll is a dice roll is a dice roll after all. The laws of probability do not change.

But somehow it works. Breaking the rhythm stems the flow, stops more cash from walking out of the casino door.

Or so the legend goes.

Moral of the tale – when it comes to executive search do not break the rhythm. Do not make your candidate nervous by delaying. It’s tantamount to rolling snake eyes.

Every minute counts. Every gap in communication has the potential to widen into a chasm. Don’t let it happen.

Depend On Oakstone’s Precision Expertise

Remember: Time Kills All Deals.

Getting the timing right and managing the process with precision efficiency is critical to successful hiring.