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What Does Fishing Tackle Teach You About Executive Recruiters?

Oakstone International Executive Search what does fishing tackle teach you about executive recruiters?

Let’s go fishing. Sounds exciting doesn’t it? Venturing out into the big blue to land an awesome catch.

It’s that spirit of adventure that fires us up – and it’s a fitting analogy for the business we’re in.

But hold on a minute.

There’s a huge difference between the way generic recruiters go fishing for people and the way we do it in global executive search.

Marlin v Herring – Which Are You Targeting?

Our world is like sportfishing for marlin. Using expert knowledge and a targeted rod-and-line approach, we ply exotic waters in search of only the prize specimens.

It’s a ‘client first’ strategy. We know what they want – only the best – so that that’s what we get them.

This discernment is a world away from what generic recruiters do. Their approach is more like indiscriminate trawling in a murky and unforgiving North Sea.

They scoop up anything and everything then sift through all the bycatch to dig out a few decent fish – which they then have to figure out how to sell.

They punt the catch out to all and sundry. A couple of fish here, another there. Lots of desperate haggling with lots of buyers. It’s frenetic and messy.

Nothing like our world where we’re supplying elite technology companies with marlin after marlin, month after month – regular as clockwork.

For generic recruiters, life is all ‘product-first’. Get the people…then work out who will need them. Conversely, we identify ‘need’ first. Then fill it.

Why does this matter?

If you’re the client, executive search will get you better quality people matched more closely to your requirements – because your ‘need’ is absolutely pivotal to the process.

And if you’re the person being wooed for the role, you’ll be treated much better because you won’t be peddled off to any old buyer. You are being targeted for a pre-specified role.

What Happens Next…

Generic recruitment agencies say their approach is more candidate-based.

That’s only half true. Their primary focus is on candidates but only in a product-driven manner.

Here’s the brutal truth. Once the chosen person is in post and the generic recruiter has been paid, that’s it – most are then long gone.

That’s not how we do it.

We’re still in contact with people we’ve helped into new roles years after the deal has been done – because the clients that hired them stay with us for a very long time.

People we helped into new roles know we still care about them.

That offers benefits to both clients and candidates.

Clients know that if a person we found for them decides to move on in a few years then we will have sensible conversations with both parties and not just whisk the employee away:

  • Why do they want to move?

  • What needs to change?

We don’t just help you to find the executives you need. We can help you to retain and develop them.

That’s so much better than reaching for the trawl net every time someone jumps ship.

There might be plenty of fish in the sea (or might have been once). But they’re mostly herring. The marlin you seek are a rare breed.

How will you choose to fish for them?