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We're Hiring: Can You Cut It?

Our global executive search consultants transform lives – by placing ambitious superstars in the world’s smartest technology companies.

We occupy a rarified and lucrative niche. High growth established companies and hot start-ups all over the world rely on us to recruit the best of the best to drive their growth.

And we’ve never been busier. Demand is going off the chart in London, Europe, Silicon Valley and beyond.

So we’re continuing to expand. We’re hiring – and the opportunities are excellent.


What You Can Expect From Us

Generous remuneration – good bases and highly competitive commission plans, car scheme and Bupa.

You will also receive:

  • a great business education – possibly the best you’ve ever had

  • a coveted place on the inside track of sales

  • unrivalled camaraderie

  • a highly enjoyable working environment

  • a meticulous grounding in the noble arts of table football and table tennis.

What We Need From You

I won’t bore you with a long list of LinkedIn-esque buzzwords – save that insatiable drive, a finely tuned intellect and sophisticated interpersonal skills are absolute prerequisites.

Strength of character is also essential. No shrinking violets. No bull either. You will be recruiting hardline numbers-obsessed sales professionals with no time for timidity or waffle.

Many can be bright scarlet controller types in the red/yellow/green/blue colour scheme of personality types. Think Ferrari red and you won’t go far wrong.

Your DiSC Test And General Intelligence Assessment (GIA)

The classic ‘lazy Z’ shape for sales is how your DiSC test line graph should read.

We’ve always found DiSC – a non-judgmental test of Dominance, Influence, Steadiness and Conscientiousness – to be accurate and highly useful when assessing personality and behaviour.

Dominance and Influence are critical in our business. Steadiness should be low. We want either DI or ID types who are very fast and moderately compliant.

Your General Intelligence Assessment (GIA) score should also be good.

Is this you? Intrigued by everything you’ve just read?

Good. Let’s talk.