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How To Get More From Your Sales Team By Doing Less

Oakstone International Executive Search how to get more from your sales team by doing less

You’re a stressed out sales director. And getting more stressed by the minute.  You urgently need to grow your team to stay on track. But are you getting enough from your existing people?

Probably not – because like you they’re drowning in extraneous tasks.

Solution? Quit doing the stuff that matters less.

Pick The Three Things You Do Best

Your job title isn’t ‘hiring manager’ – you’re a sales director. So why do you spend so much time on recruitment? You’re trying to focus on hitting the big numbers.

Since time immemorial, leading organisations have taken their brightest people, dragged them away from what they do best and chained them to a desk. Where the admin dross accumulates.

There is a way back.

Actually apply Pareto’s 80/20 rule to your working instead of merely quoting it at meetings.

Pick the three things you do best and forget the rest. Work on those three things with ruthless obsession.

If it takes 10,000 hours of deliberate practice (according to Gladwell) to become an expert at anything, then you don’t have time to worry about tiresome trivial tasks.

So delegate or dump them. You’re far too busy for all the rubbish that’s well below your pay grade.

You know the tasks we mean. All those ‘unavoidable’ admin hassles that supposedly come with the territory. They’re like hornets – no problem individually but a real nightmare when they swarm.

Get rid of them once and for all. Do it now.

We’re very serious about this stuff. It worked for us. Now let’s make it work for you…

To Do Or Not To Do. That Is The Question

We all have a Do List. Actually you should have two (a Daily Do List and a Master Do List).

But not many people have a Not To Do list: the under-no-circumstances time-consuming nonsense to be avoided at all costs.

We have a list of recruitment-related tasks we don’t do because they don’t add value for our clients. Various sectors that we don’t touch.

This enables us to concentrate on leading edge technology recruitment – such as e-procurement, e-security, Bitcoin, blockchain, AI, machine learning, deep learning, dev ops, IoT, analytics – and own it.

So we can target ultra-niche expertise more easily.

After all, you don’t want your new sales executives to be jacks of all trades. You need them to be masters of yours – however cutting edge that may be.

Your potential market may not realise that it needs your new technology. That it will transform the sector and your business.

So your new sales team must be pro-active visionaries capable of opening eyes and creating demand where none exists yet.

Superstars like this are few and far between. Seeking them out and securing their talent takes a single-minded sense of purpose.

So leave it to us.

You’re far too busy with the things you do best.