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Great Mentoring Boosts Retention In Recruitment

Oakstone International Executive Search great mentoring boosts retention in recruitment

We all have heroes. Legends who stand tall in our lives and kindle the spark of greatness in us.

These torchbearers come in many guises. For some they’re charismatic generals or showmen who lead from the front with verve, dynamism and gusto.

For others, they’re unassuming modern day monks who say little but speak volumes with well-chosen words of wisdom at critical times.

Either way, they’re indispensible. Everyone joining your business should have access to their own personal hero/mentor from day one…

Why Is Mentoring Important?

Mentoring is about much more than simple altruism. More than handing something back or fanning the flames of a torch before passing it on.

Having a good mentor stretches you. It keeps you on track – and rekindles your urge to learn when the firefighting threatens to overwhelm you.

Great guidance from an experienced mentor brings out the very best in you. It encourages you to ignore the petty path of least resistance and seek instead the noble and more worthwhile road.

Great mentors don’t spoon-feed. Nor do they hand you everything on a plate.

Instead they ask searching questions that you cannot ignore. They give you vital tips and encouragement that inspire you to reach for the stars yourself.

We know from our 20 years’ experience in recruitment that well mentored executives feel more secure. They learn faster. They feel more confident – all of which will be reflected in their performance.

Disciples of good mentors are happier team players. They’re less likely to jump ship when the next great tempting offer comes along.

They are more loyal – because their leaders inspire them.

Who Is The Ideal Mentor?

Someone who’s been there, seen it and done it. Someone who leads by example.

Great mentors know their subject matter extremely well but remain restless, always determined to push the envelope.

They innovate. They challenge established thought processes. They disrupt tired markets for the benefit of end users.

Top class mentors are thought leaders and influencers with an insatiable hunger for knowledge.

Not just depth of knowledge either. They also possess great breadth of knowledge. They are imbued with cutting edge intelligence that is tempered by the wisdom of their years.

And above all, they care.

They have your back. They take you under their wing.

No matter how full their diaries, they always find time for you. They are masters of time management who dedicate their precious hours and minutes to helping you become just like them.

For they are true heroes.

And every new recruit at your company deserves one.