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Harness The Power of Positive Words

Oakstone International Executive Search harness the power of positive words

Success or failure can turn on the narrowest of margins. A few words can be all it takes.

Sometimes only one word. So every word matters.

We’re placing a finance director in a new fantastic new role – after another recruiter failed.

Our consultants captured the candidate’s imagination with powerful positive words that outlined the full strategic importance of his new role. But to the other recruiter it was just another job.

It came down to how we used words such as ‘leadership’ and ‘strategy’ to highlight the full potential of the opportunity – while the other chaps talked about bean counting.

It’s no secret that we’re passionate about the power of words. You’ll know that if you read this blog post.

Now let us tell you more…

And So It Begins

“Hello. We haven’t spoken before. I am hoping to have a word with you in relative privacy. I am a recruitment consultant…”

That – or something very similar – is what you will hear when we phone you with a major league career opportunity.

And it will be exciting. Otherwise we would not be calling you. This call will be pivotal to your career. You will infer that from our tone, our seriousness and the words we use.

We have only 20 seconds to make a first impression. So you won’t hear words of uncertainty such as ‘perhaps’ or ‘maybe’.

Conspicuously absent also will be words such as ‘agency’ and ‘headhunter’ or any reference to money.

‘Agency’ tends to suggest a high street operation. Or a solo venture trying to big itself up. And there are far too many one-man bands in this business.

‘Headhunter’ is a term beloved by newcomers to executive search but most grow out of it. Eventually.

Why The Passive Voice Will Cost You Money (So We Don’t Use It)

We don’t like the passive voice. It’s limp, lacklustre and downright dull.

It’s weak.

That is because it lacks focus, clarity and attribution.

So when we phone you we will use the active voice. That way everyone will know precisely who has to do what and by when.

Failure to nail down important details by shilly-shallying around in the passive voice will cost you time and therefore money.

And as we all know from previous blog posts, time is the great enemy. Time kills all deals.

Talking Your Industry’s Language

We specialise in helping ambitious cutting edge technology companies to source the vital talent they need to thrive and expand.

That means staying ahead of the curve in areas such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, deep learning, bitcoin, blockchain and voice.

We research new developments intensively to ensure we are talking your language and communicating effectively the strategic opportunities you can offer key executives.

Words matter. Terminology matters. Knowledge matters.

There’s nothing worse than speaking with recruitment consultants (or any other partners) who don’t fully comprehend your transformational technology and all its opportunities and implications.

So talk to those who do.