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Using Your Company Culture To Recruit Key Executives

Oakstone International Executive Search using your company culture to recruit key executives

You’re struggling to hire a key executive for a pivotal role in your company. You’ve stretched your budget on the package, more than was anticipated.

Gold is being piled on the table – showering your potential hires with promises of a great basic and OTE, stock, pension, healthcare, dream car… you name it.

The deal is perfect, but they’re still not biting! What is it that they don’t get?

You. They don’t get you.

They don’t understand your company, its culture and its values. So they’re in no hurry to sign up…

Anatomy Of An Organisational Culture Crisis

Here’s a real life scenario that’s playing out right now in real time. Let’s spare the blushes of the company involved by preserving its anonymity.

The aforementioned company’s managers urgently need to recruit a technical software engineer. They’ve been trying for six months but to no avail.

So they called us in. And we acted fast. In just one week we were able to get a great candidate (let’s call him ‘Dave’) to final stage meetings with the company.

Excellent. But here’s where it starts to get tricky for the hirers…

In just one week Dave has had five meetings with them. Each has involved a series of technical tests to confirm his capabilities.

Dave has passed these tests with aplomb, deftly proving his expertise – but in all this time, nobody at the hiring company has talked to him about:

  • Projects – what will he be doing in his new role?

  • Availability – will he have to be on call at 3am to deliver vital technical support? How often?

  • Technology – he needs much more detail on the solutions the company offers!

So understandably Dave is starting to feel a bit frustrated. He’s getting a bit tired of leaping through hoops when the hiring company hasn’t talked about its culture and what will be expected of him.

Dave doesn’t need the fancy role its managers are offering. He has a great role of his own, thanks.

So unless the hiring company starts to become a bit more forthcoming about what’s expected of Dave, we predict that this talented young man will drop off the hook.

And the company will be right back where it started – minus all the time, effort and consequent cost involved.

Remember…this is life…this is happening right now in real time…

So What’s The Solution?

Give Dave the information he needs and show him the softer side of the hiring company.

Take him out for a coffee, find out what his interests are. Become his new best friend.

Show him how inspiring and much fun it will be to work for the company; how proud and happy it will make him feel.

Not difficult is it?

Remember – executives-in-demand like Dave don’t HAVE to work for you. They’re in successful technology roles already. So you have to woo them away from their already-great deal.

And your company’s culture is a vital part of that…because it’s not just about the money. Every executive you hire has a life outside your shiny mirror-glass office.

They’ll know from past experience that there’s no point earning gazillions if they don’t have time to spend it and detest their jobs.

A gilded cage is still a cage. Unhappy executives will jump ship again when a better and friendlier offer comes along.

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Successful recruitment and retention is about so much more than tempting people with money and titles.

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