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Why Our Executive Search Consultant Are Relentless

Oakstone International Executive Search why our executive search consultants are relentless - oakstone international

You’re hunting the sales heavy hitters who thrive on manic days. The ones often at their desks long after everyone else has left. Those too busy to notice the sun had set ages ago.

These are the stakhanovites whose evening commute home is frequently in darkness. By the time they make it back their kids are in bed and their dinner is in the dog.

Their better half gives them ‘that look’, accompanied by the shrug that says “really…again?” Day after day, over and over, it’s relentless. Nobody works harder than them…

Except us.

Lucky we love it – because we have to be ready for them, ready to have that candid call about their next role and where their career is going.

Ready to snap up these sales stars that your groundbreaking technology company urgently needs…

We’re Here For You. No Matter When You Call Us Back

Yes, we’re in the office during normal hours – but we’re also here or working at home or on the road for the abnormal hours too.

That’s because the conversations we have are very discreet – often outside office hours, while candidates are hands-free in the car or waiting at the airport for their next flight.

And because they’re serious players who work long hours, we need to work even longer hours to fit in with the pressures they’re under.

We have to be there for them – so we can be there for you. Sourcing your next team of profit drivers.

All the hours they have to deliver to hit those magic numbers? We have to deliver more – or we risk missing these people.

If they’re going to buy into your corporate dream, they want to speak with someone they can talk to in complete confidence, someone who will be there for them unstintingly when they bare their career soul.

The Joy Of ‘Relentless’

Woody Allen once said that “80 per cent of success is just showing up.”

We’d like to think that 20 years of superior market insight plays a part too. But you get the point…you have to be there for your clients and candidates when they need you.

If that means being available at some pretty weird times then so be it. Bring it on – and bring it on right now.

And when we’re not involved in one of our myriad phone calls, we’re researching new technology to hone our edge in the world’s fastest changing business markets.

There’s virtually no downtime. How we ever find time to stay as good as we are at table football is beyond me.

Executive search in the technology sales arena is relentless. I kid you not. Relentless – there’s no other word for it.

And we wouldn’t have it any other way – because it’s how we help you to make pivotal hires.