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How The Best Executive Search Companies Deliver, Every Time!

Oakstone International Executive Search how the best executive search companies deliver, everytime

Nobody with any sense picks their lawyer, accountant or investment manager from a directory.

They do so based on the recommendations of their family, close friends or trusted advisers.

And the same is true when it comes to choosing professional executive search specialists. You don’t go with some dumb advert. You go with whom the smart money recommends.

Clients entrust their expansion strategies to us and candidates place their careers in our hands because we have been recommended to them or they reference us.

They want someone reliable: a company that says what is does and does what it says. And does it the right way.

100 Per Cent Success At Retained Search

We use a number of metrics to gauge our success. But here’s the one that matters most…

Oakstone has a 100 per cent success record when it comes to sourcing executives for clients who retain us.

100 per cent.

It’s the most important metric of all because it’s the one that demonstrates most clearly how well we’re serving these clients at any given time.

This is the yardstick that says: “You gave us crucial responsibilities and we fulfilled them. No ifs, no buts. We achieved your objectives. Every single time.”

Recruiting The Best Of The Best

Experienced hiring managers bring in executive search specialists because they know it raises the game.

They’re smart. They have years of experience, they know what they want and they have great networks they can mine for good people.

But their own networks reach only so far. They have only so much time to dedicate to the task. They have their day jobs.

And so – while they can hire some very good people through their own endeavours – they may not get the best. Unlike experienced executive search consultants who can secure the cream of the crop, the best you can attract.

Getting From ‘Great’ To ‘Superb’

Nothing much ever happens by accident. Success at anything requires a superior strategy, obsessive diligence and copious amounts of hard work.

There’s no magic bullet here. But there is a huge amount of intelligence. It’s about working smarter as well as harder.

We make a point of learning the very latest technologies thoroughly. This is essential for qualifying the key performers best able to hit the big numbers when it comes to selling them.

And if these people are going to move from their already lucrative roles then they need rock-solid reasons to do so. No oversell, no equivocation, no promises that fail to materialise.

They need indisputable facts delivered with pinpoint precision. They need to know you’re serious and they need to get a handle on your company’s culture.

Which means you need someone serious to deliver your message