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Why Should You Help Your Team With Their Goals?

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What questions do you ask in an interview? If you’re a hiring manager and you want to know what career goals a prospective team member has it may be time to change the way you view people’s answers.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years? Yes it’s an interesting question – you want to hire someone who is motivated, goal driven and who is planning their future and this questions can tell you all of this, however more employers need to think about how they can help these people achieve their goals.  The company has to be a right fit for them just as much as the employee is right for the company – if you can’t present them with the right opportunity they aren’t going to stay with you for long.

Lots of people don’t know what their career goals are, and they tend to drift through their career with abstract ideas of how they want to grow – without achieving goals (because they don’t have any). This can often lead to dissatisfaction, lower engagement and low productivity.  So how can you as an employer help people establish and achieve their goals?

Why do people need to plan and set goals?

Planning and setting goals allows you to have something to aim for and it’s the same for your team.  It allows people to measure their success, productivity and gives people focus – so setting goals benefits the individual as well as benefitting you and their future employers.  Goals are, or should be in the interest of everyone when it comes to careers and progression.

How can you help people establish their goals?

It all starts with listening, not just to those you’re interviewing but to those who are already established members of your team.  You can’t help people establish or achieve their goals if you don’t communicate. Ask them…

-        Where are you today?

-        Where would you like to be in 6 months, 12 months, 5 years’ time?

-        What skills, training, experience and support do you need to get there?

 After getting to know people and establishing what their goals are you can help them put a plan together to achieve them. 

It’s unlikely that a team member will stay with you for their entire career however by establishing an individual’s goals and supporting them and acting as a valuable stepping stone in their career path can benefit you just as much as them.

Get your team to set goals and then set about helping them reach them!!