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What Do Effective Leaders Do Differently?

Oakstone International executive search: what do effective leaders do differently?

Effective leaders come in all different shapes and sizes and some have very different ways of leading. There are a few things effective leaders usually have in common….

1. They’re the right amount of kind

Great leaders have established the right amount of kindness to give off and when. By not having the right amount of kindness, leaders can often be seen as something they’re not. Not only have great leaders mastered the right level of kindness but they also have established how to be kind without an agenda. People can often see through kindness with an agenda which can affect business and your reputation.  Great leaders will almost always be genuine and caring towards people whether they are part of the business or not.

2. They’re decisive

Being able to make decisions as a leader is crucial in any industry. Effective leaders are decisive and accurate decision makers, minimising wasted time. After all time is money.

3. They don’t waste time

Wasting time on unnecessary meetings or phone calls are something that effective leaders don’t do.  Take Elon Musk for example and the suggestions he gave to his employees about walking out of meeting which are a waste of time and not spending too long on something that needs addressing. This isn’t just a quality effective leaders need to have but something that everyone needs to adopt to be more productive.

4. They don’t believe in burn out

There are lots of leaders out there who believe that working all hours of the day is best for the business providing maximum productivity, but the truth is that without a fully functioning brain there is no ability to be productive at all.  Take amazon’s Jeff Bezos and Thrive Global’s CEO, Ariana Huffington who both believe in 8 hours sleep a night and believe in switching off from work when needed. Time off revives your brain to enable you to work to the best of your ability.

5. They hire the best people – and give them authority

Effective leaders understand the importance of hiring the right people for their businesses and invest time and money finding them. They have happy to invest in finding the right people for their business by using the very best search available to them – this could be internally or external by working with an executive search firm.  Finding the right people for your business should never be over looked – without the right people your business can’t exist. Once the right people are chosen they are given true responsibility and authority.

6. They care

Effective leaders genuinely care about their business, people and customers.  Without care there is no purpose in what they do and what they work for. Caring about how much the business brings in every year is not enough – with the people and customers there won’t be any income at all.  They care about the people that work for them and offer great packages which include learning. By caring about your employees and offering them the means to grow and develop, people are more like to stay with you and be loyal.

7. They know every aspect of the business

They know what’s going on in every aspect of the business, what people are doing and what they aren’t doing.  Its important, as a leader, to understand what parts of the business do what so they can ensure everything is running smoothly.