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Should You Ever Hire a Job Hopper?

Oakstone International executive search: Should You Ever Hire a Job Hopper?

You may come across more job hopper’s CV’s in the future. Workers in the U.S. have an average job tenure of only 4.6 years (according to the Bureau of Labour Statistics). It is becoming the norm to change jobs every couple of years to open yourself up to opportunities, promotions and salary increases that may not be available by staying in one company.  The average salary increase someone gets from moving companies is 11%, whereas annual raises are an average of 2-5% – if they’re giving out raises at all (, so you can see why tenure is dropping.

Although the average tenure in the U.S. is 4.6 years, a whopping 91 percent of Millennials expect to stay in a job for less than three years, according to, which could mean that Millennials could have as many as 20 jobs in their career.

So, what does this mean for employers?… Many hiring managers think that job hoppers cost companies a lot of money with hiring processes, however there is no public data to suggest hiring job hoppers have a low ROI.  With more people becoming job hoppers it may be time to overlook tenure and focus more on relevant skills, experience and cultural fit.

Here are 4 reasons you should hire a job hopper…

1. They are adaptable

Job Hoppers have worked in multiple environments with lot of different people and have developed the skills to adapt to lots of different situations.  If you want people to seamlessly fit in to your culture you need someone who is adaptable so they can create relationships quickly which can benefit every role.

Job hoppers aren’t afraid to walk into a new situation and adapt to the way your company works – they have experience learning news ways of working so it will save you time in training.

2. Job hoppers may be easier to recruit

Lots of recruiters and hiring managers are quick to dismiss a job hopper but Job hoppers are always open to new opportunities and have skills and experiences that people with longer tenures don’t.

They are usually confident of their abilities and are happy to apply them to a new opportunity if an old one isn’t exactly what they’re looking for.

3. They bring knowledge of multiple businesses

Job hopper’s have worked for multiple businesses and have more than likely learnt something different from every single one of them.  Whether these businesses are your competitors or not, having someone with the knowledge and experience of other businesses can bring you lots of benefits. Working for different businesses will also mean they have a wider range of skills and experience that have been gained from different fields.

4. They have larger networks

Job hoppers will have larger networks that those who have stayed in the same company for years.  Larger networks give us new ideas, support and connections which may provide benefits to your business. Large networks should never be underestimated.

Although there are benefits to hiring job hoppers, not all job hoppers are equal.  As an employer you need to consider what you want/ need from an employee and whether a job hopper has added value to every one of its employers or whether they are being serially unsuccessful. These are the 2 types of people to look out for…

The Stars

Many of the stars will be the ones that move frequently. Yes, they can be a risk however they come with high rewards.

The Blaggers

These are the people that will do ok for a year – 18 months and leave in search of the next place where they can hide out and get another decent base and maybe a guarantee, then they’ll move on again.

The best way to judge whether you should hire a job hopper is to get to know why they have left their previous positions and see whether any of these points will apply to the position you’re hiring for.  Keep an open mind, interview them more thoroughly and challenge them more deeply – set hoops for them to jump through but don’t simply write them off – you’ll miss opportunities.

Maybe instead of thinking of them as ‘Job Hoppers’ they could be seen as short-term superstars: who would not want Lionel Messi playing for them – even if it was only for one season….?