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Top 6 Indicators That You Need Help From an Executive Search Firm

Oakstone International executive search: Top 6 Indicators That You Need Help From an Executive Search Firm

Finding talent for the most challenging to fill roles can be tough unless you have extensive experience, a huge network and enough time.

It takes a “certain set of skills”, experience, supported by a very strong network to source and close the best people. Here are 6 signs that indicate that you may need support from an executive search specialist.

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1. You’re only targeting active candidates

Using job posting platforms to advertise your roles is fine if you’re hiring for lower level roles and targeting active candidates – however for higher level executive positions the candidates are limited.

Targeting active candidates takes no skill and often provides a quick fix solution for recruiting.

Think about: why candidates are actively looking for a role and how you are limiting your search to only those we are. It’s probable about 20% of all available talent and less than 5% of those you really want!

A small handful of executives are constantly active which means to find more people who are suitable for your role you need to target the ones who aren’t looking – the passive candidates.

To target these people you need experts who do have the skills, experience and network to find the right people who match the role and your company.

2. You have consistently high talent attrition rates

If you are struggling to keep people onboard and your employee turnover rate is high you must re-evaluate your recruitment process.  Targeting the right people involves finding the best people for your company and more critically, ensuring your company is right for them. Failing to focus on both these areas will cause you have a high turnover of people in your company  – perhaps you need assistance to find and qualify the right people.  Qualify the person but also make sure they qualify you. We all know this but having a short shortlist tempts us to make compromises.

3. Your hiring process is very slow

We all know that if your hiring process is slow it could be costing you a great deal of money –most people avoid working the real cost out because it’s shocking. Take a look at our blog: the cost of an open headcount for more information. To speed up your recruitment process and get the best possible people you can attract on board perhaps it’s time to invest into a executive search firm to help you.  A great recruitment firm will make your goals their priority and help guide the recruitment process, so you can hire the right people as quickly and as effectively as possible.

4. You don’t have time to sift through hundreds of CV’s

As a effective hiring manager your time needs to be well planned – which probably means you don’t have time to read through hundreds of CV’s, only to decline most of them and respond professionally in order to maintain the right image for your company . Having external recruiters assist with the process will mean you don’t need to sift through seemingly endless CV’s which will save you time and money. A Search firm will remove this task from your diary.

5. Your internal recruiters don’t have the right skills

To target the right passive candidates for your roles you need recruiters with the right skills and experience to be able to source and engage with the best people for the role.  Any recruiter can find the people – today’s technology and social networks enable this – however getting those people to take a call and engage them in a process takes experience knowledge and skill.

If you feel your internal recruiters are struggling to find people you need, consider investing in an external recruiter who has the skills and experience to get the right people in front of you.

6. You are struggling to attract the right people for the role.

This can be down to several reasons: being an unknown brand, not advertising with the right message, not having the right network, not using the right media, timing… the list is endless.

Executive search companies focus on speaking to every candidate, so they can present the position effectively with all the details – qualifying whether the person could be a good fit for the position and vice versa without the need for you to meet everyone.

If you are not getting the results you want or need – or not getting them fast enough or consistently enough – talk to 3 or 4 recruiters and choose one to trial – you may find that holy grail – a pipeline of the right candidates wanting to join your team!