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Why Should Hiring Manager's Keep Their Options Open?

Oakstone International executive search: Why Should Hiring Manager's Keep Their Options Open?

Guest Blog by Jodie Webster, Oakstone Recruitment Consultant

Oakstone clients aren’t just clients, they’re our partners.  We care about their business as much as we do our own, which is why we work so hard to find them the best people for them.  We act as an extension of their business, searching and headhunting for superstars who we know are going to perform and add value to their company.  We take the time to qualify the people we speak to, so we know whether they’ll be right for the company, the team and the role.

Every company is different in terms of what they’re looking for in a person, and it is our job to qualify them. Some hiring managers will want to interview 5 people, whereas some will only interview 1 or 2 – which is great if they tick all the boxes, but what if there was someone even better?

Oakstone are a big believer that time kills all deals however we also believe in taking the right amount of time to make the right decision – don’t rush the process as you may miss out on the real superstar.

Our advice is to trust and work with your external recruiter to make sure you hire the right person. Be open to interviewing new people, even if you think you have found the ‘right one’. – you might end up hiring the 5th person you’ve interviewed, even when you think the 1st person was the best.  Creating relationships with potential hires can not only benefit you now, but also in the future.  You may end up hiring the first person you interviewed however you may end up hiring the fifth person you met 2 months later.  Be open minded about your headcount and always think ahead. It may seem like an unnecessary investment of time but will pay dividends in the mid-term.

The risk you run if you pigeon hole one candidate for one role is that you will end up back at square one time and again with no one else in the frame for the position if they pull out. The influences that can impact one candidate are immense, from being counter offered to accepting another position, family issues or other personal circumstances – it is always best to have more than one person in the frame for an open position – even if you think they’re the best person for the role. If you have to go back to square one, more time will be lost than you saved by not seeing one or two more people.

We can never stop these instances from occurring, however, we as the recruiting partner have a duty to our client to keep them informed of such reservations and to share our past experiences to avoid this happening again.

Please don’t run with the first or second candidate you come across if your recruiter is advising you to meet someone new.  They have taken the time to qualify and search for superstars and if they believe they have found someone you must meet, trust what they say.  Don’t ignore the advice of your recruiting partners as they truly have your best interests in mind (the good ones do anyway).