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6 Steps To a Great Linkedin Profile

Oakstone International Executive Search great linkedin profile

It's time to make over your LinkedIn profile

The importance of social media may be the key in finding your perfect career or to be headhunted by an executive search firm. LinkedIn is the pinnacle of professional networking, allowing you to connect with almost any professional.

As an executive search firm, Oakstone use Linkedin on a daily basis so here are our tips in creating a great profile to make yourself more appealing to potential employers and head hunters.

1. Choose the right photo

Your profile picture doesn’t need to be taken by a professional photographer at work but it should be a relatively sensible photo of you (and only you).  Make sure you smile, have a plain background and have good lighting. Avoid having pictures of you having a drink in your hand or you with a Snapchat filter.  You need to come across professional, it’s not Facebook.

2. Tell a story with your summary

Add some personality to your profile and let people know what you do and how well you do it. Steer away from the generic ‘team player, outgoing, hardworking buzzwords that are overly used in profiles. Talk about specific achievements and things you are proud of.  P.S. Write this in the first person- its not a reference about you.

3. Describe your experience

To get the most out of your profile explain what you did in each job you include on your profile. What were your achievements and goals in the company? You don’t need to include every job you’ve ever done- include the most recent/relevant but make sure there are no unexplained gaps- its essentially an online CV.

4. Ask for recommendations

These will reinforce your profile with first hand testimonials of your skills and experience.

5. Be a real person

Show off your personality in your profile by showing your not boring. Use language that shows you are a human and that it hasn’t been written by a someone who is uptight and can’t have fun. Write as if your talking to a friend- people are much more likely to be responsive to someone who seems approachable.

6. Share experience and skills

Be creative and generous when lending advice on LinkedIn.  People appreciate advice and knowledge from different perspectives.

Taking all this advice should mean you have a winning Linkedin profile in no time.