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Are You Valuing and Developing Your Key Talent?

Oakstone International Executive Search are you valuing and developing your key talent?

Are you valuing and developing your key talent?  If you don’t someone else will.

The best companies in the world all have one thing in common.  They work hard to get the best talent on board, and once they’ve done this, they treat them in the best way possible and develop them to grow with the company- so that they stay with the company and together they all grow.

Learning new things is fundamental to everyone to ensure they continue to grow as people. By developing talent, you allow them to grow and improve themselves, and when people don’t feel as though they are improving they may look elsewhere for a career.

Create individual development plans

No two employees are the same, so why should their development plans be? By tailoring development plans employees can work individually to improve areas they, and you, feel are necessary to maximise progression. This also allows people to work at different paces to improve as well as allowing them to feel like developing themselves is a personal requirement rather than it being in competition with others.

Provide performance metrics

By providing progress updates in a trackable format, your team can see their progression- no matter how slow or fast it may be. By allowing people to see their progress it encourages them and motivates them to keep going, rather than just having one end goal- that could possibly take a year to achieve.

Constructive feedback

Feedback doesn’t have to mean criticism or disapproval. By giving employees constructive criticism, it gives them an insight into how you think they are doing and how to improve it. This will also guide them through the development process, allowing them to understand which areas need improving/developing more than others. How will they improve with no feedback?- they can’t.

Lead by example

If your development processes really work there should be people in your organisation with real tenure and passion for the company. By having these leaders within your organisation, it sets the example of why development is important and will encourage your employees to work at developing themselves. It’s important to highlight success stories in development as employees seeing examples of how your development plans work keep them working hard at it.

Build a great environment and you will help your people become greater.