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Have You Reached 'The Top' Of Your Career

Oakstone International Executive Search have you reached the top of your career?

Oakstone recruiters continually strive to find the best people for the great roles our clients have to offer, often encouraging people to take their career to the next level by joining a new company which offers them a great career path. These opportunities are usually tailored to people with a certain skill set, often with salaries over £100,000 in a range of commercial software roles**. There are many factors which may mean career progression such as a new title, better money or a management role, the list is endless; what does getting to the top of your game mean for you?

I recently read a LinkedIn Post by a recruiter who phoned an individual regarding an opportunity with a view of progression into a higher-level position.  This ‘higher level’ position was at a progressive company, offered more money and potential for further promotion, however, in reply to the recruiters exciting opportunity to progress, the individual replies “I am already at the top of my career.”

Having already researched the candidates LinkedIn profile and referenced them, the recruiter knew that the candidate was not at the top of his career in the traditional sense. There were many steps he could take to progress further, which would mean significant benefits for him. The recruiter asked why the opportunity wasn’t of interest, as on paper the role appeared to be a great move.

The reply was ‘I am completely happy at my work place, my employer is flexible, I never miss an opportunity to be with my children, I like the people I work with and the money is great. For me, I am at the top of my career.’

Although surprised, the recruiter completely understood. Being at the ‘Top of your career’ may not mean being a Manager or a C-level employee but more about being completely satisfied in the position you are in. The only person who can weigh up the benefits of one role over another is the person being asked – and their opinion may not be what you expect it to be.

So, the next time you are approached by a recruiter make sure he or she is sensitive to your individual motivations and remember individual opinions on what constitutes being “at the top”  are limitless.


** further roles include (not limited to) Sales and Sales Management, PreSales, Implementation Managers/Consultants, Customer Success Executives, CRO, VPE, Sales manager, Sales, Presales, implementation manager, implementation consultant, BDR, Chief Architect, Project Manager, Marketing manager (CMO), Customer experience manager, Chief talent manager and Lead of HR.