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He'll Earn £600,000 Commission This Year... And He's Only 28 Years Old


Yes, that’s right – he’s well on his way to his first million before the age of 30.

We’re extremely proud of this incredibly talented young software salesman.

Not least because we introduced him to the role where he’s currently smashing his sales target out of the ballpark, earning way beyond the commission targets.

He was a hidden gem that we could see was destined for greatness. So we acted swiftly.

And the company that hired him is very grateful its hiring manager followed our advice.

But so many other firms that lacked the courage and foresight to say ‘yes’ would have missed this incredible opportunity.

They would have turned him down immediately. His CV would have gone straight in the bin – because he has no degree. And he lacks the requisite years of sales experience.

So they would have learned the following recruitment lessons the hard way (if at all)…

Think Outside The Box

Clichés aside, this is precisely what you need to do.

If you don’t, you’ll end up fishing the same pond as everyone else seeking talented sales executives to drive their business growth.

You will rarely land the biggest fish if all your competitors are dangling tempting bait too.

So you need to look further afield and fish waters overlooked by those who simply target the obvious.

That requires expert help or you will waste valuable time. Or worse – you could back an expensive hunch that fails to reward your faith.


Listen To Your Executive Search Consultant

Regular readers of this blog will know that we’re not afraid to challenge what may be the accepted norm at the companies we serve.

It’s an important way of opening your eyes to all the great opportunities out there.

So if we say someone is worth checking out then you can take that advice to the bank.

To do otherwise risks missing out on serious talent that your competitors may either overlook or snap up for themselves.


Trust Our Ability To Spot Talent

It’s what we do. Full time. All over the world. And we’ve been doing it for more than 20 years.

We don’t just sift through a pile of CVs. Any high street recruiter can do that. You could do that yourself.

No. This is more than about saving you time. More than taking an onerous task off your hands while you concentrate on more pressing matters.

This is about unearthing the diamonds that will be at the cutting edge of your sales operation.

That means bringing our expert knowledge of the market to bear and making at least 400 phone calls for every role we place.

Your hiring strategy and structure will be the better for our involvement. We bring clarity of vision and focus to the process – saving you time and money.


Find Your Next Hidden Gem

The remarkable young sales executive who inspired this blog post is a rare gem. But by no means unique.

There are others out there waiting for you. Ready and waiting to be discovered.