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How To Attract The Best Talent

Oakstone International executive search: how to attract the best talent

The skill shortage has been apparent in recent years and it is only going to get worse as the number of attractive companies continues to increase.

Attracting the best talent if you’re a business has always been difficult, that’s why so many put the job into the professional hands of executive search firms.  Even if you are using an executive search firm here are some tips which could help you attract the best talent.


Oakstone constantly talks about how ‘time kills all deals’, and its true. Candidates will not wait 3 weeks between the first and second interview without considering other options available to them.  Candidates will see a delayed process as a lack of interest or decisiveness and it will reflect badly on your company.  Work quickly if you want the best talent – they won’t stick around for long.

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As a company, you should know what your USP’s are and these should be clear in your branding, marketing and client experience.  Your candidates should also know about your USPs and you should use these to sell your company in the interview as much as the candidate it trying to sell themselves. Interviews are all about getting to know one another, so give them lots of information to take away – that way they’ll be motivated to accept any potential offers.

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Consider the talent pool

Younger generations look for more than management style when considering a new position. The nature of the work, stimulation and culture are all points which they may take into consideration – some more than salary. Offer clear insights into potential career progressions, including training, development and environment. Think about what’s important to the ideal candidate.

Overall package

What makes your salary and package offering stand out from your competitors? Be clear in what you can offer and the benefits that go alongside the position, these can be financial or non-financial.  Including issue such as health insurance, holiday, incentives and achiever’s benefits.

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Hiring Managers

A hiring manager and external recruiter’s relationship is essential to a great hire. Enabling your recruiter to have a relationship with hiring managers allows everyone to have a clear view of the recruitment process.  It also lets the recruiter become an extension of the company rather than being separate, allowing them to understand your culture and work ethic – this also lets them let candidates know why they should work for you.