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Sales Superstars - What They Look For And How To Attract The Best

Oakstone International executive search: Sales Superstars - What They Look For And How To Attract The Best

Talent shortages in many fields are proven to have a dramatic effect on any business.  Without the right talent your business will suffer.

Finding the right talent in the SaaS market, especially sales, is growing increasingly hard due to the saturating of established and start up companies, however finding the right talent can lead to record breaking success (read one of our sales superstar’s case studies here). To attract the right talent, you need to know, and focus on what makes you different and what the talent is looking for in their ideal company.

What is key to a sales superstar?

Earning Potential

Sales superstars live for deals. Earning potential is the number 1 motivational driver.

Having the best product and service possible will ensure there is earning potential in any company.  Having figures together of proven earning potential from current or previous employees will more than likely attract new talent to your business.


Sales superstars don’t want to get bored.

Can you offer something which another company may not? Lots of people are willing to join a company if the right career progression is a possibility.


They want to work for a respectful company.

Can you and your team command it? It is crucial to mid-long term success.

Get the package right

You have to pay for the best talent – it is a long term investment that you will no doubt reap the rewards for.  This isn’t just about the salary you offer them but the other perks that come with the opportunity – think flexible working, bonus’/ stock and other office perks.

Work quickly

Time kills all deals. If you want talent on board you will have to work quickly before they are snapped up by another company – or even worse a competitor.


There must be a mutual trust between you and any candidate. The moment this is lost means you have lost the lead in any negotiations.

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