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Traits Of A Fast Growing SaaS Company

Oakstone International Executive Search traits of a fast growing saas company

A new article from venture beat has recently researched fastest growing SaaS companies to determine what criteria they all have in common.  Some of the companies mentioned in the article, such as Salesforce and Netsuite, are companies which Oakstone has worked with and our partnership and contribution to these companies have assisted in their growth.  Here we talk about our experiences and what we have noticed with the fastest growing companies, and how we have helped them.

1. Fast growers are extremely efficient at acquiring new customers

Getting new customers on board isn’t easy and it is all down to the right sales talent you have on board.  The fastest growing companies invest in the best talent and Oakstone have helped some of the fastest growing SaaS companies by ensuing their talent has the right combination of experience and performance focus to ensure the fastest growth possible. We listen to the partners we work with and using our extensive experience, networks and sector knowledge find them the best talent possible.

By investing in the best talent these companies remain ahead of their competitors.

2. Fast growers acquire new customers mostly through inside sales

The companies we have worked with have initially invested a lot of money in inside sales. Inside Sales can create the biggest initial impact and retain customers for repeat business, essentially to any company, they are the basis of much early company revenue and without these individuals many companies simply won’t survive to reach the point where field and enterprise sales teams build many of the major long-term Enterprise customers. Again, to create the best deals you need the best people on board- something which Oakstone has helped hundreds of successful companies do.

3. Fast growers pour cash into their sales and marketing engines (because they can afford to)

ROI is essential and investing well in talent and teams is the greatest investment you can make – assuming you can source and attract the right people.  To find the best talent it’s always useful to work with sector experts, like Oakstone.  We have worked closely with many companies who have invested in their sales and marketing teams to ensure maximum revenue is created over the last 20 years –

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