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What Makes A Good Client/Partner?

Oakstone International Executive Search what makes a good client/partner?

What makes a good client?

At Oakstone we are established enough with a reputation and track record of delivery to be in the fortunate position to be able to select who we work with – to be more accurate we choose who we don’t work with.  The criteria for selecting the perfect partners is usually based on having similar ethics, levels of professionalism and mutual trust – so we can work perfectly together in cultural synergy, maximising successful results with their investment and our time.  Good client partners understand that investing in talent is important and that we are here to maximise their potential for a strong return on investment. These specifications should be important to every business to ensure a good working relationship and cohesion within projects.

So, what makes a good partner?

A partnership is all about working together, at Oakstone working together and collaborating is what we do and enjoy.  It should be the same for most businesses, however it is not always the way.  Creating great partnerships mean working hard to find companies you want to work with, to create mutually beneficial relationships.  One way to qualify a potential partner is to research their ethics and make sure they reflect your own, you need to work with people who believe in your abilities and you need to believe in theirs.

We like to become an extension of the company we are working with to understand them fully and to ensure they also understand us and the way we work.  Executive search is a complex process and by working together it is much easier to tackle challenges. The focus on results and team spirit are two points which both sides of the partnership need to work together to achieve.

Nothing, however, is more important than trust.  With trust, partnerships thrive.