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Ageism In The Workplace

oakstone international executive search ageism in the workplace

There is often a misconception that ageism is pinned to the older workforce – those who are over 50 experiencing unfavourable workplace rules or stereotypes, however ageism can be experienced by all ages – and as an employer you need to consider them all. 

Training and Development

Training and development is often offered to younger employees to help them integrate into the working world and offer them a platform to help them succeed, however older generations still want to achieve and succeed – there is no age limit on self-improvement, but people have to be willing to put in the effort and commitment.  Making training and development available to all diffuses the ageism aspect of learning and creates a more inclusive company culture.

Having children

Those with children in the workplace often get a few more benefits than those who don’t have children.  Flexible working for instance is often made more available to parents, however people without children could also benefit from having flexible working by feeling less pressure to do certain things at certain times of the day.

If your company has flexible working – Great! However, if flexible working isn’t available to all but you’re more lenient with those who do have children you may need to reevaluate your policy.

Team activities

Not all team activities are suitable for every age group.  When planning team activities, it’s important to include everyone and choose activities which are suitable for all.

Make sure everyone has their say

No one’s opinions are more important because of their age and how experienced they are.  Consider everyone’s opinions and try not to be bias towards someone because they are older or younger.  It’s easy to disregard opinions of younger members of the team because they are less experienced but by taking all opinions on board it creates a better company dynamic and culture of inclusiveness.

Eliminate ageist bias by creating an all inclusive culture where all ages, genders and minorities feel included!