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Do I Need A Degree?

oakstone international executive search degree or no degree?

Oakstone doesn’t usually offer advice to younger generations – after all we rarely work on junior roles for our clients but when it comes to the topic of degrees, we think Oakstone is in a prime position to offer our opinions.

Having a degree can be extremely useful (depending what role you want at the end of it), however over recent years it is becoming more popular for people to take degree just because… we’re talking those degrees on Harry Potter, David Beckham and Cannabis Cultivation (yes these actually exist).

If you’re deciding on whether you need to take a degree to stabilise your future, there are a few arguments you need to consider on whether or not you need a degree.

Here at Oakstone we have a great mix of people that have degrees and who don’t have degrees and the truth is that no one with a degree is better than anyone without one and vice versa.

When it comes to finding executives within the software industry there is also a mixture of people with and without degrees – again, a degree is not an indictor of what that person is capable of.

Fully exploring opportunities that do not require degrees is important before signing up to 3-4 years of hard graft when you don’t know where you want to be at the end of it.

Some people may argue that having a degree will open up more opportunities when you’re in the position of not knowing what you want to do, however is paying £27,000 plus for 3 years’ worth it?

The truth about degree’s is that they can be beneficial not aren’t often required.

With more employer’s appreciating experience and soft skills will a degree really make you stand out from crowd?  Our advice is to find where you want to be without a degree and if you need one – work towards getting on but don’t jump onto the education route without knowing all your options.