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Workplace Wellbeing Trends 2019

Oakstone International executive search Workplace wellbeing trends 2019

Workplace well being has been a hot topic recently and new and improved ways of enhancing employee wellbeing have been implemented in businesses globally. Here are a few of 2019 work place well being trends…

Financial well being

Paying your employees fairly is only one step of the way when it comes to ensuring your workforce’s financial wellbeing. Offering money advice and assistance is the next level when it comes to employee care.  Offering workshop, investment education and budgeting advice to people shows you care as an employer and ensures your team are ready for anything.  These skills wont just be used outside of work but having a more knowledgeable team will help you internally as well.

Mental health

Mental health is starting to be more widely talked about and addressed within society and within the workplace. Why? because more of us than ever are openly talking about it.  An increasing amount of companies are starting to implement mental health support into the workplace by designating a Mental Health first aider into offices. There are many available regarding mental health and supporting it in the workplace (  Its time we treat mental health as seriously as physical health.

Emotional intelligence

Employers will continue to be making more of emotional intelligence as one of their top soft skills when looking to hire new talent. Studies have found emotionally intelligent teams perform better at work, have better relationships and are psychologically and physically healthier ( We have recently written a blog on how to find someone emotionally intelligent  (


Companies are understanding more than ever that no two people in their teams are the same, so they shouldn’t be treated that way.  Think more one on one training, coaching and assistance in the workplace.  Benefits are also being affected by the personalisation trend, with more companies offering options when it comes to perks and benefits.  Not everyone wants a health benefit – if they already have it, they don’t want it within a company package.

Addressing burnout and work life balance

Employee burnout does not only have severe implications on individuals but also businesses, costing an estimated £73 billion each year on UK businesses. Education on burnout and how to balance work and life better is being invested into and employers are understanding that long hours do not always mean higher productivity.  Employers are also supporting work/ life balance better by offering flexible hours and work from home options (there are now over 4 million people working from home in the UK [13.7% of the UK workforce], however an additional 1.8 million would like the chance to work from home but are not given the chance -, however, it’s estimated that half the UK workforce will work remotely by 2020). Furthermore, the UK is estimated to lose £300 billion by 2030 due to lost time during traffic congestion – working from home or flexible working would reduce the lost time and money for your company.

Is your business focusing on any other workplace trends? Let us know what your doing this year!