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How To Create a Strong Employer Brand

How to create a strong employee brand

In a recent report published by LinkedIn, out of 350+ hiring professional, 44% said they are planning to increase investments into maintaining and strong employer brand.

Why? because having a strong employer brand attracts great people to your company and keeps them there.  With quit rates at an all time high and more open jobs than unemployed people, great people have the chance to be selective about the opportunities they accept and it’s down to you and your company to take the right steps so great talent chooses you over your competitors.

How can you create a stronger employer brand?

Be authentic and embrace transparency

There’s no point in pretending you have a great employer brand – people will soon see through it. Creating and maintaining a strong employer brand is all about being authentic about every aspect of your business. Improve your transparency and your authenticity by using real images of your team on your website and allow your team to have a voice throughout your business – consider quotes, guest blogs and company reviews.  The more you encourage your team to be transparent about the company they work for the more transparent your company becomes.

Emphasise, teach and practise your core values

Every company has some core values, however a lot of the time these core values are listed or printed onto a wall and completely forgotten about. If you created these core values, they should be a part of who you are, and it is your responsibility to teach them to everyone who works with you in the business.

Not only does this create a strong employer brand but also contributes towards your culture! 

Turn existing members of the team into brand ambassadors

Your team know your company better than anyone else, and if it’s truly a great company to work for, your team won’t have any problem telling everyone about it.  They are all your brand ambassadors so encourage them to spread the word about the great work your company does and how well they are treated.  

If they don’t want to shout from the roof about how fantastic your company is to work for, have them engage in your marketing efforts on social media platforms and encourage them to speak positively of your business with their network.  

Nurture your culture

Company culture isn’t all about the ping pong table and table football – it’s about the environment and everyone’s work ethic.  It may all start with core values but consider working hours, out of office activities, working environment and in house ‘rules’.  There’s a lot more to consider when it comes to company culture.  Once you’ve established your company culture and implemented it, work on nurturing it and continuously develop it so it becomes one of your greatest assets.  Great company culture doesn’t happen overnight, and it never stays the same without care and maintenance. It’s also highly dependent on the people you hire and the implementation of your core values.

Treat candidates like customers

Candidate experiences can tell you a lot about a company and a bad candidate experience can scar your employer brand – whether you want that person to work for your company or not.  With platforms like Glassdoor being available to everyone it’s no surprise the word about bad companies gets out fast!  Work on your candidate experience by creating a well organised and friendly process so people really want to work for you the moment they walk through the door.  This can easily be done through great communication and correspondence.

Understand your brand and your brand perception

You must understand your brand before anyone else does. What does your business stand for and does your online and offline presence say what you want it to?  If you’re not sure get an outside opinion of your brand from clients or candidates and ask them what they think your business stands for.  

Dedicate the time to build a long lasting and strong employer brand

Creating a strong employer brand does not happen overnight.  Creating any brand takes time and is strengthened by a great reputation.  Working hard on all elements of your reputation, branding and team will build a long lasting and strong employer brand.

Act on Feedback

You cannot be a brand without your team and keeping them happy is key to a strong employer brand. Continuously ask your team for feedback about the workplace and improvements so you can make it even better.  This is not only to improve your employer brand but also encourage people to stay with your company longer. Your support will make them feel valued and appreciated which goes hand in hand with them becoming brand ambassadors.

If you have any more tips on creating a strong employer brand we would love to hear your ideas!