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Great Sales Teams Aren't Born, They're Made - How Do You Make A Great Sales Team?

oakstone international executive search great sales teams arent born, they’re made - how do you make a great sales team?

Certain personality traits can be advantageous in sales – being an extrovert and being charismatic are both qualities which could predict a successful salesperson but doesn’t guarantee anything. Many people attribute success to inborn traits rather than to skills that can be coached or taught, however America alone spends more than $20 billion annually to train salespeople on sales skills and their business.

There is, however, a huge difference between being a great salesperson and being part of a successful sales team. Whether or not great salespeople are born with their skills – great sales teams are most definitely created.

When you look at any industry – the 20-80 rule usually applies! Most of the time only 20% of your company is carrying the other 80% and this does not create a successful team. Hiring people based on your ‘gut’ will likely keep your productivity at this level, however if you want a scalable organisation there are a few things you need to do…

  • Upskill and train

Finding salespeople is difficult and the reason why 80% of your workforce aren’t carrying themselves is because they need more training! Invest in some time to upskill and train your team properly so they can be more productive – when they are productive and successful so are you!

  • Lead

Provide each salesperson with the same quality and quantity of sales leads.  It is easy to give the most successful person the best leads however if people aren’t given a fair chance at utilising their skills, they never will get the chance to.

  • Sales strategy

Who are your salespeople selling to? If you don’t know then neither do they! They should not only know who they’re selling to but what products, services and information they should offer as part of the sales process and sales methodology.  Every salesperson should act as a marketer of their own work – knowing the target market, buyer personas, products and services to align selling efforts with the buyer’s journey and their goals and objectives.

  • Talent Acquisition

To find the right people for your business by consistently sourcing and hiring. Most people hire off ‘gut’ feelings however as you grow and expand how do you replicate this ‘gut’ feeling across multiple hiring managers?

Businesses need to develop their own hiring criteria so it can be replicated as the company expands.