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Hiring Managers: Why Changing Your Mind Could Have Detrimental Effects

As a hiring manager the criteria for what you’re looking for may change.  Nothing in a fast-paced company stays the same for long and the need for people with different skills and experiences change.  Our advice?... look for talent who is culturally a great fit for your company.  Of course, you need someone with certain key skills and experience you require but it is as important to find people who are willing to learn and develop.  Hard and soft skills change all the time, in your job search, in people you’re looking for and in people who you already have in your business.

What’s the problem changing your mind?

When searching for talent you need to know as accurately as possible what you’re looking for so you can plan your recruitment journey as well as making sure you’re making the right decision when it comes to choosing the person.

When working with external recruiters you might think it’s ok to constantly change your mind when you feel you need to but it could have drastic effects on your search causing it to take longer and worse you could lose the trust, relationship and motivation of your external recruiter and all the candidates they have approached – whether you proceed with them or not…

Case Study

You brief your external recruiter on exactly what you’re looking for.  You address all the skills and experience you want them to have, as well as the soft skills and cultural fit of the ideal candidate.

The recruiter then puts a list of target companies together –  where the ideal candidates could be currently working. The recruiter then reaches out to people who they have identified in these companies and endeavours to contact them in every way possible – LinkedIn InMail’s, Email’s and phone call’s. Although the recruiter has made 400 phone calls they have only spoken to 150 people. They have experienced lots of rejection however they have come up with a short list of people who they think will be a great fit for the position based on your brief.

The recruiter then passes these CV’s to you for your approval only to find you have changed your mind regarding what you’re looking for and you tell them they need to find candidates with other strengths/experiences etc. – to the recruiter this is devastating and means all the work they have done to date is wasted and they must start again.

This may be OK with an ‘agency’ who have simply looked at their database and sent you some CV’s – but for a professional recruiter who has invested the time to conduct an exhaustive search and spoken to 150 people – it’s a disaster!

How motivated will this recruiter be in doing all this work again on a contingent or even retained basis?

Our message is to treat your search and your recruiter as if you were spending your time and money – take care to plan and be sure of what you are looking for BEFORE you start – then check with your recruiter that they can find the people you are looking for and that you can attract them with your company, products, team, culture and package.

Your recruitment success will be much smoother if you can target the right people in the first instance.