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How To Deal With Criticism

Oakstone International: how to deal with criticism

We’re all subjected to criticism at some point in our lives and it’s up to us how we react to it and action it.  Criticism is sometimes subjective depending on how it is given and who is giving it however if it’s constructive it’s best to take it on board and action it in a way you think is best.

Here are some tips for handling criticism at work…

1.      Always listen and keep an open mind

If anyone is willing to give you constructive criticism it’s polite to listen – presume their intentions are good and be open minded about what they have to say.  Allowing people to be critical of your work will allow you to improve, and by working together to make improvements your work will be better than ever.

2.      Ask questions and learn

It may come as a shock… but you don’t know everything! Even if you don’t like criticism there is something you can learn from everyone. Ask questions about what people are saying and learn from them.

3.      Remember criticism is not a personal attack

Stay positive in every situation and make an effort to understand that people are making critiques about your work to better it, not to personally attack you and bring you down.  You don’t need to be sensitive about criticism if you know it’s not about you.  Again, be open minded.

If you feel someone is being personally negative to you, discuss it with them and try to resolve the situation. Avoid personal negativity or aggression at all costs.

4.      Always be appreciative

If someone has taken the time to look through your work and give you feedback be appreciative of the time they have taken to do so.  Thank them for their input whether you agree with what they are saying or not.

Everyone should learn to deal with criticism, as it can elevate and better all aspects of your work and your being! Deal with criticism more positively and you will see the benefits.  

In addition, work on being self critical so you can self improve, learn and develop!