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How To Show People You Value Them

oakstone international executive search how to show people you value them

Any great leader knows their team needs more than a great environment, great salary and great company culture. They need to know you value them as individuals and acknowledge their input and contribution to your company’s success. Try these 7 tips to show your people you value them…

1.       Be interested on every level

Build strong, trusting relationships – not only on a professional level but a personal one too. Understanding their life outside of work as well as inside the office allows you to build more personal relationships which are essential to great teams.  Creating a great culture means working together as a team and to do that you need to get to know one another.

2.       Invest in them

Find out what your team need to succeed and invest the right time and resources to ensure they have these things. Having available learning resources is not only essential for company investment but also a great reward for individuals.  Investing in people will also encourage them to stay with your company longer as they are progressing without needing to leave.

3.       Always give feedback

Feedback is essential to self and team improvement. Don’t wait for annual reviews to give people feedback – provide it all the time! Whether it’s positive or constructive feedback people need it to refine, improve and build new skills.  It adds tremendous value! Make sure you include feedback in every one to one meeting you have so individuals know what you think about their contribution to the company.

4.       Make time for them

Making time for people is a critical element of being a great leader.  You cannot possibly know or value people if you don’t know them. Having one on one time with individuals enables you to not only get to know them but also listen to what they need and want from you and the business.   It also gives you an opportunity to give feedback and receive it.

5.       Acknowledge them publicly

Acknowledging people for their achievements in front of their colleagues and peers is great for team and individual morale. It’s also great for competitive environments such as sales and recruitment as it shows they are doing well. This shows true commitment to people and publicly shows you value them and their achievements.

6.       Help your team set goals

Showing you have an interest in your teams’ goals shows you care about them and their future. Assist them in setting goals and support them with what they want to do – these may go hand in hand with investing in them and making time for them.

7.       Trust your team

Great people should be trusted to do their role brilliantly.  You should trust your team to always work to the best of their ability – offer guidance and assistance but never micromanage your team. There are clear differences between managing and leading!