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Is Your Team Happy?

oakstone international executive search is your team happy?

Guest Blog by Josie Cozins

When you next enter your place of work stop for a moment, take a look around, is the team happy? 

You should care if your employees are happy or not, happiness will increase job satisfaction which in turn will mean your employees will become more productive.

See below some pointers on how YOU can help get better job satisfaction? 

Become better organised:  if your desk is messy and hemmed in this can cause you to feel stressed – a clean desk will give you a clear mind!

Push Yourself:  If there is a skill at work that you are unsure or lack complete confidence about then take some time to learn more about it, it will increase your self-esteem.

Ask for feedback:  Employees who ask and get feedback from their managers will have better work satisfaction.

Take a Break:  Take a break for 15/20 minutes, move away from your desk and stop for a moment to clear your mind, this will improve your mood, focus and energy levels.

Background Music:  When we listen to music the brain releases dopamine into the brain which will increase a positive mood.

Be Happy:  Smiling will kick the brain into releasing dopamine and serotonin a mixture of these chemicals in the brain will increase happiness and reduce stress.

Catching enough Zzzz:  Sleep, one of the all time important factors to a healthy and happy life style is getting enough sleep – enough said!

Your Environment:  A small change such as a plant, picture or ornament can produce a positive change in a person.

Posture:  Stop slouching!  People who don’t sit, stand or walk straight will feel more depressed.  When you hold you head up and sit up straight your outlook on life and energy levels will increase.