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Recruiter Tips

oakstone international executive search recruiter tips

As experts in executive search and recruitment, Oakstone international have worked with some of the worlds leading software companies and we have learnt a great deal along the way!

Whether you embark on internal recruitment or put your trust in an external recruitment firm here are some hiring tips when looking for great talent…

1.       Use the right terminology everywhere

Whether it’s the job description or an email subject line, using the wrong terminology will make you look like an amateur recruiter, which reflects badly on your company and you as a professional. 

If you get stuck on industry specific terminology, ask for assistance from the hiring manager – They are experts in their field so will have all the information you need.

If you’re a recruiter who has entered an industry you will need to learn the terminology! There is plenty of information online, so get studying! The recruiters who have industry knowledge always stand out.

2.       Do your research… properly!

We’re all busy, but it’s no excuse to not do your role properly! Recruitment is all about qualifying people so when you come across an application or profile make sure you look at all the skills and experience and not just the results of a LinkedIn search.

Recently, Oakstone’s CEO had a LinkedIn InMail from a “leading recruiter” for an opportunity as a leader in the software field, based on the fact that Oakstone specialise in recruiting for technology and software roles.  It reflects badly on you!

3.       Don’t send generic emails/ InMail messages

Not only will having the subject line ‘exciting career opportunity’ likely get bounced but it’s also something your potential candidate has seen over and over again.

Personalise your messages to make them more appealing! Show them you’ve read their profile and you are genuinely interested in them and their skills and experience.

4.       Avoid recruiter terminology

Whilst ‘hot buttons’, ‘top talent’ and ‘superstar’ may all seem very familiar to you, it’s unlikely to sit well with a candidate.  Don’t make them feel like a number and that you are ticking off a list of requirements whilst speaking to them.  It’s your job to get to know the candidate and build rapport.

5.       Job ad fails

Whilst Oakstone doesn’t work with Job Ad’s it’s important to recognise how you’re hiring and what hoops you are making your candidates or potential candidates jump through.

If you’re an employer who makes someone upload their CV and then retype their CV into little boxes – take a step back and think about whether you would want to do this if you were applying for a position. 

Don’t waste people’s time!

6.       Don’t ghost candidates

As a recruiter it’s easy to get excited about a top candidate and forget about candidates that haven’t got so far in the process! Don’t ghost them though – these candidates might not be right for this position, but they might be right for another one in the future.  It is your responsibility to build relationships with everyone you speak to! Ghosting people makes you look like a bad recruiter or a bad company!

Everyone makes mistakes but will this list, you’ll be well on your way to be a ‘superstar’ recruiter!