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Recruitment Without Advertisment

oakstone international executive search recruitment without advertising

Finding great talent is difficult.  There is fierce competition and for the first time there are more jobs that unemployed people, putting even more pressure on companies and even more so start-ups. So how do you go about attracting great talent? You’ve built a great culture and reputation and you’re ready to expand.  Where do you start?

Advertising a role

You’ve written your job description – put it on all platforms including your company website and have got thousands of applicants.  Out of all these people you expect the perfect candidate to be in there somewhere, but after weeks of CV reviewing, you’re still yet to find them.


Hiring managers often advertise a role hoping the right person will fall into their lap and make waves when they start the role. This does sometimes happen – but for senior or specialist roles it’s extremely unlikely.

Why does this very rarely happen?

People with great talent are making waves and a lot of money so why would they look for a new role elsewhere?  They can only be open to new opportunities when these opportunities are presented to them.

How do you recruit without advertising?

Finding and targeting the right people for your business is the only time efficient and effective method of recruiting. 

How do you do this?

You can do this yourself however it’s time consuming and difficult if you don’t know where to start.  Our advice is to put your trust in an experienced, specialist recruiter who knows your industry and who has a proven track record of sourcing great talent without advertising – so you know only the best people are being put forward for interview.  Meaning less wasted time, more of the right talent and more successful hiring!