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Riding The Waves of Recruitment and Sales

oakstone international executive search riding the waves of recruitment and sales

Blog By Senior Consultant, Carolina Nunes

We all want to keep on the top of the wave for as long as possible, but we also know that’s not possible…. Not because of a lack of hard work, skill or expertise, but because that’s just the way it is.

I’ve questioned myself several times – why can’t we win all the time? That would be awesome, and everyone would be much happier! Imagine putting all your hard work into something and ALWAYS having a reward from it… sounds like a dream, right? But then I question myself; if we would feel the same level of satisfaction from the winning as you do after you’ve had a loss (it always feels much better after you had a loss – I’m sure you agree).

The reality is – sometimes you win and sometimes you lose. Sometimes you have to lose for someone else to win and vice versa.

The secret is to keep yourself balanced. How? By celebrating your wins as hard as you can and don’t let your losses affect your life too much (personal and professional). It sounds simple but it’s difficult to put into practice (at least, straight away after you have just lost a deal).

I struggle with this and I think I always will…. Experience makes us tougher and I believe that in time the same kind of losses will hurt less than they hurt today and this is one of the thoughts that keeps me going.

(BTW, if it hurts it’s because you care, and you’ve done your best to make it happen which is very important! But in the end you can’t win them all, some may be where mistakes were made or opportunities missed and others may be simply have been out of your control.)

I’ve just lost a deal and I’m about to win 2 others! Yet, what I’m thinking about is the loss that I had. I’m not a negative person at all - however, I do take the time to analyse my loss and understand if there was anything I could have done differently – and the reality is most of the times, there wasn’t given the nature of my role.

I believe the best way to surf these waves is to allow yourself to accept the ‘low times’ and keep your head down and the activity up. Finally, the ‘up times’ will come… And when they come – celebrate them heavily. To enjoy the win and to justify all the pain you’ve been through in the past weeks and months.

Down times will always be present. We just need to know how to deal with them, so our happiness is as sustainable as possible.

Keeping your mind and body busy with other activities other than work is also very important, and it massively helps your health & well-being. I recommend kickboxing (one of the best sports/arts for fitness and to de-stress). Also, a glass of wine & cheese 😉

Keep strong and never give up! Remember if you’ve done it before – you know how to do it and YOU CAN DO IT again!