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The Worst Mistake a Hiring Manager Can Make...

Oakstone International executive search: The Worst Mistake a Hiring Manager Can Make...

As executive search recruiters we work hard to find the best candidates for our clients.  We work differently from the traditional recruitment agencies – we don’t simply have a database that has a list of suitable candidates that we rely on.  For every role we are asked to work on we start a new search – we speak to people we have never spoken to before, people who have the right skills and experience for the role you need filled.

We give lots of advice out to our clients making sure they are utilising the tools we offer and the skills and experience we put forward for them to interview, however some hiring managers still make unnecessary mistakes.  Here is the worst mistake you can make.

Case study

Your external recruiter has worked for several weeks to provide you with a shortlist of skilled and experienced candidates, fitting the original brief you gave them for a particular opportunity. They provide you with a short list of 5 candidates and you take a look and you decide to interview 3 of them. To save yourself time, you decide to only progress with one candidate even though all 3 would be a great fit for the position – you run with only your favourite based on your first impressions. Over the next few weeks your external recruiter tries to encourage you to progress with more than one candidate however you ignore this advice and carry on with just your favourite through to final interviews.

At the end of the final interview stages your favourite candidate takes another role with a different company or decides to stay and accept a counter offer. You then want to reconnect with the candidates you didn’t progress with after the first interview stage (because you thought you would save yourself time), however these candidates are no longer interested and have taken other positions.

There is no one way to find the best person for your open role however taking the advice of people who have a wealth of experience in the recruitment sector could mean the different between hiring the right person or starting your search again.

Think twice before trying to cut corners to speed up the recruitment process when you have all the right tools to work with.