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6 Signs That You’re Wasting Your Talent

Oakstone International executive search: 6 Signs That You’re Wasting Your Talent

Why would anyone with skills and abilities waste their talent? It makes no sense, but in reality, lots of people are wasting their talents in companies or roles which aren’t best for them. Are you one of the people who are wasting their talents? Here are 10 signs…

You’re not being appreciated

If you’re great at what you do and feel like you do a good job, then other people should realise it too, especially your managers and leaders.  If you’re not being appreciated in a position your talents are being wasted on a company that doesn’t appreciate you, and your talents could be put to better use elsewhere. 

You don’t feel like your progressing

Everyone needs to constantly learn or they’re falling behind (read our blog: every day is a school day).  If you don’t feel like you’re learning new things or progressing in the company you’re in, it may be time to open yourself up to new opportunities, so you can continue to self-improve.  Don’t waste your time on a company that doesn’t invest in you and your existing talent, because there will be plenty of other companies who will be willing to.

You’re not feeling motivated

Motivation comes from various places, however at work your motivation should come from you being excited about the work you do and the achievements you’re making.  It’s unlikely you’ll be on top of the world everyday but if you’re going to work every day feeling mundane and unmotivated, it may be time to mix things up.  Discuss adding new responsibilities to your role or try and establish goals you want to reach with your managers and leaders.

You’re not feeling passionate about the company you work for

A big sign you’re wasting your talent is working for a company you’re not passionate about.  Working for a company you have no interest in will deplete your motivation.  Finding a company you’re passionate about will motivate you and encourage you to work for more than just money, increasing your job satisfaction.

You don’t see a future with the company

If you don’t see a future with the company you’re working for, you’re ultimately wasting your time as well as your talent.  Don’t work for a dead-end company because you won’t be motivated, driven, progressing or passionate! Before taking any role, qualify it and the company hard so you know you won’t be wasting your time.

You’re bored

You should never feel bored in a position you feel passionate about.  If you’re feeling bored its time to find a new position where you can be the best you can be.

Go do it!