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What Does It Take To Be a Great Leader?

oakstone international executive search what does it take to be a great leader?

Being a leader isn’t about ‘managing people’.  Hiring leaders is difficult – it’s all about qualifying and recognising qualities which aren’t immediately apparent.  Leading is about being supportive and inspirational.  If you’re trying to recognise great leaders, whether you’re hiring one or working for one here are some qualities to look our for…

1.      Great leaders have aligned their career and life purpose

Leaders love what they do, they’re passionate about it and they have a clear purpose and pursue it with passion.  Great leaders never feel as though they are working because it’s what they really love doing!

2.      They are inspiring

Leaders have achievements which they are proud of which make them inspiring.  They create plans and goals so they can consistently achieve and offer advice when needed. A leader’s positive approach should be obvious through their actions and they should inspire others to be positive as well.

3.      They are patient

Leaders understand that great things don’t happen overnight.  Success and goals take time to achieve! Great leaders will be patient with themselves and the people around them and always offer assistance and advice when it’s needed.

4.      They are open minded

Great leaders always keep their eye on the bigger picture.  They are always open to learning and adopting new things to continuously better themselves and those around them.  They are not afraid to adapt and evolve!

5.      They are confident

Great leaders are confident in their knowledge and in themselves because they believe in themselves.  Great leaders are never arrogant and don’t brag – they focus on helping others and guide them to be better.

6.      Great leaders are authentic

Great leaders are respected because they are always authentic and honest.

7.      They have the highest drive

Great leaders didn’t get where they are today by slacking.  Great leaders work harder than anyone else to better themselves and to assist others in becoming great too.

8.      They support, empower and encourage others

Leaders take the time to support, empower and encourage others above anything else.  They are passionate about helping others and sharing their advice and knowledge.  Without passion they cannot love what they do and therefore can not be an expert and offer advice.

9. They are confident and open enough to acknowledge their own faults, mistakes and are not afraid to put up their hands and say “I was wrong”

Not all leaders are created equally and being a great leader takes consistent improvement and development of knowledge to enable to share and support others.