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What Should Your Business Priorities Be?

Oakstone International executive search what should your business priorities be?

Prioritising one thing over another is never easy – here at Oakstone we encourage people to use the time management matrix, made famous by Stephen Covey, but we also know not everything goes to plan and sometime those ‘emergencies’ crop up and our priorities change.

Software and technology are extremely fast-growing industries and in order to keep growing you must hire new talent, and this should always be a priority, because without the right people your business can’t grow, and it can’t thrive!

Many hiring managers say that hiring is a top priority but when it comes down to it, they either run out of time or are uninterested in the potentially long and time-consuming project of finding the right people to join the company.  Given that hiring managers have full time roles themselves, it’s hard to fit another full-time role in beside it.

Need help?

Don’t take it all on by yourself.  Hiring can be a very long, time consuming process but you’re not alone.  Whether it’s assistance from your internal recruitment team or the partnership of an external hiring team, by putting aside minimal time you can continue to hire great people whilst still doing your main role.

Finding an external recruitment partner

If you’re ready to embark on an finding an external recruitment partner to assist you in your talent search there are a few unbiased tips you should follow…

Make sure the recruiters’ values, reputation and core values are aligned with yours

 Executive search companies, recruiters and even recruitment agencies should be an extension of your business.  They are contacting talent on behalf of you and representing your company in every aspect of the recruitment process, so you need work with a company with the same values, care for their reputation and core values you have. They are going to represent your brand!

Scenario: You want to hire a new VP Sales for EMEA. You partner with an executive search firm and trust them to introduce great candidates to you, so you make a choice on who to interview and ultimately hire.  The executive search firm introduces a great candidate, you interview them, and you give your feedback to the recruiter to go back to them – you want to interview the candidate again.  The recruiter rings the candidate and is rude, short and uninformative but tells them you want to interview them again.

The candidate says they are no longer interested as they don’t want to work for the company after receiving a bad candidate experience.

Wrong choices in executive search firms can be costlier than you think and could result in you missing out on sales superstars.

Make sure they know your company culture and company dynamics

In order for a recruiter to work on behalf of your company they need to understand you, your business and the people who work with you.  They are responsible for putting new talent forward – and need to understand what they’re looking for. 

Make sure you’re getting all the details

Communication between an internal and external recruiter or even a hiring manger and recruiter should be seamless – not only for your sake but for the sake of your candidates and potential hires.

If you take anything away from this blog it should be to always make hiring a priority for your business – whichever way you choose to do it!