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Why Are Candidates Dropping Out Of Your Hiring Process? What Can You Do About It?

oakstone international executive search Why Are Candidates Dropping Out Of Your Hiring Process? What Can You Do About It?

Every recruiter has experienced a candidate drop out somewhere along the line, whether they’re internal or external. Why?

1.     Your job titles aren’t resonating with candidates

When you’re relying on people to come to you to apply for your job ads, you must be clear on what the role is and what you have to offer. This includes your job title being easy to find.  There is no use having jazzy job titles that no one has ever heard of because nobody is going to be searching for it.

Alternatively, if you’re sending someone a job description make sure it has a job title that people understand – they’ll understand the job role instantly rather than have to go out of their way to research what the job includes.

2.     Your company’s online presence is letting you down

Your company’s online presence is important – it’s part of your reputation.  Your company needs to be easily found online so people can investigate your company and find out more about you.  Work towards being easily found on every platform including search engines and social media.

Make sure there is enough information about your company online so people can really read into you and develop trust around your brand. Include as many case studies and testimonials online so people know who you work with and what you have achieved.  

3.     You’re not giving all the information to the candidate

Having an all singing all dancing job description is great and will help get the right people in front of your ad, however hiring is a two-way street.  Candidates don’t only want to know what you want from them, but also know what you’re going to give them in return for their skills and experience.

One way you could do this is sharing the salary range, benefits and perks you offer to new candidates on your job ads.

4.     Your hiring process is vague

Let people know the hiring process from the offset. Be proactive in organising the hiring process properly and let them know when they can expect to hear from you.

By keeping the candidate informed about what will happen next, you incentivize them to stick around.

5.     Your communication is poor

Your communication at every stage of the recruitment process is critical to successfully hiring someone.  From the moment they apply to the position to the onboarding process make sure you are constantly communicating.  Not only it is easier to realise if they go AWOL but it’s also courteous and they are more likely to show you the same respect back.

6.     You’re not giving candidates enough information to prepare for their interviews

If you think having a notepad in an interview is crucial, then ask the candidate to bring a notepad – don’t test them! That is not what an interview is for.  The purpose of an interview is to get to know one another and see whether they are a right fit for your company.

7.     You’re focusing too hard on hard skills

Hard skills aren’t everything so stop penalising people who haven’t got 5 degrees and 10 diplomas.  Use interviews to get to the know people, their relevant experience and their soft skills to judge whether they would be a good fit of the role and your company.