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Why Are People Not Applying For My Advertised Role?

oakstone international executive search why are people not applying for my advertised role?

There are many things which can deter people from applying to your job ads.

Hiring any new team member is difficult, there are endless lists of criteria including skills and experience however hiring senior members of the team is even more of a challenge.

We’ve discussed the issue of only targeting active candidates however if this is the route you’re taking you need people to understand the position and the criteria in it.

We’re passionate about language and the importance of thinking about the use of words and their meanings when speaking to anyone about anything.  We dislike double negatives, meaningless phrases or words like ‘just’.

It’s not only us that thinks this…  a 2017 study on Britain’s most hated office jargon shows what people really don’t like people saying in the office…

Too many companies are using their internal office jargon or acronyms in their job descriptions and it’s putting great candidates off.

Oakstone itself uses acronyms however we wouldn’t dream of putting them into a job description expecting people to know what they mean, and neither should you.

Take a look at some of these examples:

ESO: Employee Stock Option

Employee stock options are a great incentive for applying to a position and we’re sure that a lot of people know who you mean with your abbreviation, however if you include it in a long list of abbreviations the likelihood of someone googling is quite high.

The first thing that comes up on google?... The Elder Scrolls Online (a video game)

HCM: Human Capital Management

If you google it you’ll end up reading about Hypertrophic Cardiomyopath which is a heart condition.

LOA: Leave of absence

But when you google it, spirits of human Vodou.

And then there’s acronyms which have double meanings in business: JD, meaning job description or Juris Doctorate (yes there is the context to guide you but it’s sometimes not enough).

To get the best talent pool of people applying for your open positions we advise you to be as clear as possible and stick to language and technical terms that people know and recognise.

Another mistake companies make is missing information!

Too many companies think that not including certain responsibilities will make a role more attractive however you are setting yourself up to fail when recruiting. If you really want to attract the right person to your role you need to be completely transparent about the responsibilities of the role so that the person you hire doesn’t leave after a week because the job isn’t what they expected.  Include as much information as possible by be concise! Long and boring job descriptions also deter people from applying to positions. Avoid including lots of information about your company – people can research that further by visiting your website, so stick to the actual job description!

The final mistake you’re making? Not including the salary information.

The salary information doesn’t only let people know how much they’re going to be paid but it also gives an indication of the calibre and seniority of the position. Yes, there will be people who try their luck and apply for the position anyway but for the majority – it will sift the people out who aren’t in that league.